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Re: Song of the day
« Reply #555 on: September 12, 2021, 06:22:17 PM »
Hey! Congrats on the song, it's awesome! Excellent vocal production and I love the post-chorus melody! So catchy. :) Great work. Adding it to my September playlist. Oh, and I and I'm sure the others on this forum would love to hear any stories you feel comfortable sharing! Congrats again!!

Thank you thank you! Iím super proud of the vocal production on this one, and the post chorus hooK too :)
I donít really have a whole lot I can share, but I do remember that he once said he signed them shortly after the original space-themed I Want You Back video came out and that when he came into a label meeting in the US and showed them that music video, he got laughed out of the room!

Great work! I also like the post chorus :)

Thank you! I came up with it as I was walking from my car into work hahaha. It seems like most of my best hooks come up that way! 😅

Hey very nice song! I suppose that you're into serious production for at least 5 years? Overall this song is just at a very professional level already. The level that you're at, you can get signed to some important publishing companies I suppose.

Here are some critical notes that might help you (or not).
-Ad libs: I would expect to hear ad libs in the second chorus but they seem absent. It would bring an extra layer of energy to the second chorus and is very natural to commonly occur at the second part of the second chorus. If you would focus more on where to place ad libs the dynamics in energy level could be stretched even further.
-Topline verse and pre: First of all, the chorus melody sounds good enough and the verse and pre are really close to sounding good enough. However, if you divide verse and pre into call and responses, then what I miss is a change in rhythmic pace between those calls and responses: the pace seems rather similar while having a stronger contrast would give these toplines more of a "playful" character. Example of call and response having a clear difference in pace is Taylor Swift Blank space Verse. Forgive me if I write the lyrics incorrect because i dont know them. "Nice to meet you, where u going (call, slow pace), I could show u incredible things (response, quick pace)"
-The transition from for example chorus 1 to verse 2 is very good. You give the listener time to prepare for something new that is coming and I love that. However, when u end chorus 2 you go straight into the bridge. This could work in certain settings but I experienced the transition too quick in this case. I think the song would be stronger if you would give the listener a little time to prepare for something new before the topline of the bridge is introduced.
-FX: When you transition between sections the FX that introduce that something new is coming or about to come are not dominantly present. My personal taste is to have them more dominantly present. That's just something to consider but FX is a matter of taste really and dependent on current trends in pop. I personally like a rizer to grow and become a dominant part of the mix at it's loudest.
-Final comment: I embrace the fact that you introduce a b-hook (some call it a post-chorus) to the song and it sounds really cool. So the chorus and b-hook are good. The way you combine the two in chorus 3 is exceptional and your craftmanswork is crystal clear there. I would just love the "lo-lo-lo-love language x2" to continue from 2:42 as BGV. You might have to play with the mix of that "lo-lo-lo" to ensure it doesn't clash with the lead vocals that start at 2:42. Or else try this suggestion from 2:54. It could raise the energy level of this song to explosion level.

Wow this is so thorough! Thank you for taking the time to write this out!
Yeah Iíve only really been seriously producing stuff since late 2016, but Iíve been messing around with production as a hobby through my teens since like 2009/2010.

With regards to the adlibs: I personally am generally not a fan of adlibs in the second chorus! I usually like to save them. I think thereís like one or two in there somewhere. Mostly I wanted to leave room for people to experience the new level of the production that comes in with the second chorus.

Interesting thoughts on the call and response writing! I donít write a whole lot of call and response hooks - Iím gonna keep this in mind next time I do a session! 😁

Transitions: interesting call out! This was more of a personal decision again, just my taste thatís all, I prefer to try and keep them a little more low-key to match the energy of the song, unless itís a really intense track.

B-hook: really great idea! I actually sometimes do this, not sure why I didnít do this on this track, maybe the mix and production just got too chaotic? My publisher also got me to do an alternate version with the b-hook repeated again with a filter fade-out in case radio asked for it, that does kinda bring back the catchiness of it, but I wanted to keep it concise for the actual final release ☺️

Thank you again everyone! Iíll be sure to post again when my next release happens!! 😁😁
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