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The album is out today.

The production is tight, but it's weird considering how they sounded before... I expected something less pop and more acoustic.
New Songs / Re: Noah Cyrus - We Are What (Max Martin)
« Last post by melodicmoonlight on Today at 07:14:38 AM »
Sounds like a Cher Lloyd song, it's pretty good! They played it in the credits after the movie "Rough Night", just saw it.
wow, incredible. so many surprises with Max. I'd love to see Max in another band.

j.fo, the source is the link to Q - it's on page 107.


The season is about to end, 2 writers remaining. I hope we can hear more from Sweden, at least his pal Johan Carlsson
When you’re working with Max Martin, how do you know he’s giving you the good stuff?

— He’s very intuitive. I think he really believes in me; I don’t think he has the same experience with every artist he works with. We became good friends.

He gave me a song he wrote for Fleetwood Mac — Lost And Found. He was going to start a band with Mick Fleetwood, and that song was for that.


Whatever it Takes might be the song of the half-year.
Studios, Sounds, Vocals and Tech-Talk / Re: Soft Synths VS Real Synthesizers??
« Last post by Phantom9d on June 21, 2017, 03:41:55 AM »

Oh we're just getting started... you're telling me you can't spot the difference between a soft synth and analog synth by their characteristics? This is what the OP was talking about and what i was referring to.. if you are fine with the soft synths (non-sample based) then that's fine but if you want the analog characteristics then it takes some tweaking..
I suggest you to re-read the original post before you come with a rebuttal..

"you're telling me you can't spot the difference between a soft synth and analog synth by their characteristics?"

I can't really take you seriously. "The best defence is attack" quote just fits perfectly in this context.  ::)

Armchair warriorism at it's finest.. Be open to other peoples opinions and don't try to change subjects or come with false accusations to prove you're right and I'm wrong.

Lol. I'm done with this now.
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