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I just wanted to chime in, You can actually find a lot of the synth stabs as well as the original drum loop for "You drive me Crazy" and "Show me Love" in an Ueberschall product called "Essentials of the Order". You will recognize a lot of stuff in that pack from music from the 90's. Just an FYI.
The Song Project / Life Is Very Short
« Last post by SilverBeat on July 19, 2017, 08:34:40 PM »
"Life Is Very Short" is my June 2017 song. I completed The lyrics and the Tune, The complete instrument performance, Vocals, Engineering and mixing. Please feel free to hit on any thing.

Ban me for what??

Ban you for being the most megalomaniac troll the world has ever seen.
Onepass, Every successful pop producer uses Max's formula (at least part of it). He's literally revolutionized modern songwriting.
Right, that's it, I have had it with you people!  You seriously have no appreciation for amazing talent, seriously I mean wtf!!! I didn't wanna say it or for it to come to this but I AM BETTER THAN YOU'RE BELOVED MAX MARTIN!! I Write my own songs, Produce my own songs, mix my own songs and sing my own songs, without a production team around me like he did.  Oh didn't he hire Rami, oh didn't Kristian produce half his stuff, oh didn't Andreas co-write with him, oh, oh, oh and the list goes on.  I don't need a production team because I am one man making "hit level songs" like "Let's Make A Better World" and "Take Off," which could have easily gone to number 1 in the 80s or 90s.  Let's see what Max is really making, "California Girls" for Katy Perry, seriously some little party tune that a 6 year old could write and is so overly compressed and poorly mixed that maybe he should get new speakers, not to mention the sheer amount of auto-tune which speaks volumes for the artist, not even being able to sing.  You no nothing of mixing so don't lecture me about getting a microphone.  Let me ask you a question what is a Multipressor?

Some day, people will be buying my songs in droves because they are just excellent, highly original unique songs, Max can't touch my great sound and none of you can, I've got more talent than the whole of Sweden put together.  The question is do the Cheiron people want to contribute to my great sound or not, or do they want to just carry on making 6 year old party tunes.  The truth is if they loved the sound like I do, I mean really loved it, they wouldn't have ditched it the minute the trend changed.  The truth is your beloved Max Martin is just a money man, he only cares about lining his wallet. 

Ban me for what??  For sharing my great music with people who are just frankly rude and hurtful and have no respect for talent, and again isn't it funny that you have said nothing technical, again more subjective comments, which mean nothing.  I've done nothing wrong and I can't see why I can't share my songs on this forum and will continue to do so.  You keep trashing my songs and I'll keep saying I'm better than Max Martin, so we can play that game all year long if you like :).

Learn to respect real talent.
FAKE - sounds quite radical..
What do you mean by even Katy perry..?
I have now added 20 more songs to this.
No Max really doesn't and hasn't deserved a songwriters award for some time now. He is a business man.

In this case, there is a 'team' of writers. Its his company so he is getting the credit. It's a bogus FAKE award. Even Katy Perry is smart enough to know that! You really think he lyrically writes everything or anything at all? Wake up man.

Well, we don't know for sure about it. I agree with you but I don't think he ghostwrites.
Interesting how he remembers it - I remember that "it's my life" had such an huge impact to Bon Jovi's career.

it was a clever resurrection.
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