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The songs 1-4 and 8-12 (except 10) are the best ones.

Roulette and Bon Appétit are my favorites right now.

Has anyone heard Max's tooth yet? According to the booklet they're part of Roulette. Also flawless backing vocals on Witness, Max! 8)
Anyone also heard from this new boy band?

Ilya seems to be involved in some way - new single is coming soon - we should watch out if Max is involved.

Not very far from the names we've been hearing from witness.
The track, co-written by Ferras, Sarah Hudson, Big Taste and Trey Campbell, is a fiery pop-rock anthem about not giving two, um, you know, about what people think about him.

Read More: Adam Lambert Doesn't Give 'Two Fux' on New Song: Watch | http://popcrush.com/adam-lambert-two-fux-jimmy-kimmel-new-song/?trackback=tsmclip
Sounds like an inspiration from Lucy and his work from his first album, I don't think it's max either, I place my bet on someone like Axident, Jason Evigan or Monsters and Strangerz.
Doesn't sound like MXM at all.
Mattman & Robin have such a flawless sound, it's incredible.
Studios, Sounds, Vocals and Tech-Talk / Re: Soft Synths VS Real Synthesizers??
« Last post by TheReal on June 24, 2017, 09:48:12 PM »
I just tried to make a point here without being impolite..

As for Phantom9d...You didn't answer my question (Which indeed had everything to do with the OP)..
I take that as you dont know anything what we're talking about here so don't even bother.. I'm attacking you? Lol that's priceless..

Anyhow, yeah if i had more cash on me i'd buy an analogue synth.. although the analog sound emulations are getting very close to hardware quality, it's the fun and practical aspect of having a synth at your reach..
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