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I like it.

Jason Gill is back?
Reggaeton dubstep  ::)
New Songs / Re: P!nk - What About Us from new album Beautiful Trauma
« Last post by j.fco.morales on October 16, 2017, 10:49:43 PM »
@Shellback666 @Pink omg dare to suck is such iconic martin johan terminology 😹


Seems like a few more people call Shellback Johan instead of Karl

Taylor calls him Johan as well.
Lorde must know Max and Shellback because of Taylor.

And I'm currently listening Beautiful Trauma and the first thing I hear is chimes and strings, like a Christmas song... :-\

Such a surprise to see The Struts on the credits. Loved the song.
But my absolute favorite tracks are the Greg Kurstin produced ones.

The da da da-da do dodo's in Secrets are SO Max.
Not really feeling any of the three tracks.

I expected more Greg Kurstin and Billy Mann songs in the album.

Damn, I would be fangirling if I would be next to Max...

Lindsey Stirling, Autumn Rowe & Jon Levine
Great pictures. Thank you.
Well M and Z definitely has one thing in common.
I'm not going to counter point every thing everyone says about the "sound" or the new album but if you are a fan of the 80s and 90s you should know that vocal production was very different back then.  Vocals had more reverb and were generally quieter, also less compressed, that's the way I like to produce them.  Nowadays, vocals tend to be more Vocal over mic but to me the vocals come across way too loud and the compression is just too much for them to be flowing enough, not to mention the awful amount of Auto-Tune.  I use no Auto-Tune, not even a drop and I find that's makes me a better singer. 

So, you didn't understand this hook, from "All To Dust," for example: "I thought you were the one, just rising like the sun, but then you go and burn it all to dust, I gave you all my heart, the better part of me, but then you go and burn it all to dust."  Simple and direct not to mention quite poetic, it's basically the guy saying that no matter how much he loved the girl, she ruined it all by throwing it back in his face, hence "All To Dust."  The lyrics are deep, so you have to think about them, they are not like California Girls where 6 year old can understand. My songwriting is more like Richard Marx and Adult Contemporary.

"Professional," again is a matter of opinion.  Would you regard Sam Cooke's recordings are professional.  Many would say there is not enough EQ or compression, or that the recording quality overall was low due to analogue equipment, but tell that to a Sam Cooke fan and he will simply say that this chart stuff is completely over engineered.  So again what's professional to him, might not be to you.  I deem my sound professional because it is a convincing and unique 80s and 90s sound, simply.

I won't be back to counter point other points people wish to make.  My release postings are mainly for the fans, who like my sound and get my songs.  I can't convince a Sinatra lover to love 80s pop, it just won't happen, so I won't bother :).

I personally don't feel envious of the quality Max Martin is producing these days, songs like "Last Friday Night" are deeply lacking in lyrical depth and the over compression, tackiness of the soft synths and auto tune is incredibly off putting.  I use real synthesisers and will always, I just wonder why people can't hear those things.  Is it because this is a Max Martin forum and people have suddenly stopped questioning the quality of music, because they assume that it will be perfect coming from him. 

You need to re-think why you think he is so great.  Maybe he was once, during the Cheiron period but that was for clear musical reasons.  Pick a Britney song like Stronger and compare it, I urge you to.  You will find very easily that there is more lyrical depth and meaning than LFN, the mixing is cleaner, the harmonies are better and the quality of sounds and arranging is superior (using real synthesisers, isn't that a coincidence). 

The truth is people are nowadays being fed phoney milk, to use an analogy, that they've forgotten what real milk tastes like.  It's a sad state of affairs for the music industry and in some ways I am glad the industry is burning.  Sales have slumped considerably, streaming doesn't pay much and to answer your questions I have sold about 5000 digital copies of my music in 3 years or so, because I got a lot of songs in college radio and clubs around London and Los Angeles. 

I also got licensing deals and produced demos for many unsigned artists.  But this is not about me, again, for the fans the album is there to be enjoyed.  I can't expend more energy on justifications, I've said enough.  Thanks.   
cool, 2015 is not that long actually, sometimes artist releases are a few years apart, maybe she has another coming soon?? 

You can't message with Instagram, I don't think, should I just send her a pic of me playing my keyboard and hope she gets the message lol

What about the other old artists Kristian and Max used to work with - like Dr.Alban, E-Type, Robyn, Delta Goodrem, Ace of Bass.  Anyone here connected to them in some way, either a relative or a friend or maybe helped out in the studio - anyone who did anything. 

The trouble is 99% of music that is placed comes from people you already know, so I'm looking for an inside route.  I'm telling you if I knew just one contact like Amatello or someone, I could already be having hits with Kristian, it really is that scary and exciting to think you are just a contact away. 

New Songs / Re: P!nk - What About Us from new album Beautiful Trauma
« Last post by nanofives on October 15, 2017, 06:57:43 PM »
@Shellback666 @Pink omg dare to suck is such iconic martin johan terminology 😹


Seems like a few more people call Shellback Johan instead of Karl
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