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Oscar Görres, Composer, Author, Producer - John Hanes, Engineer - Serban Ghenea, Mixer - Brett McLaughlin, Composer, Author - Troye Sivan, MainArtist - Troye Sivan Mellet, Composer, Author - Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer - EMI April Music Inc., Bob Ochoa'S Homemade Salsa, MusicPublisher - James Alan Ghaleb, Composer, Author - Wolf Cousins (STIM)/Warner/Chappell Music SCAND (STIM), MusicPublisher - MXM (adm. by Kobalt) (BMI) / Martin Shadowski Music Group (BMI), MusicPublisher - Universal Tunes (SESAC) A Division Of Songs Of Universal, MusicPublisher
Max Grahn and Peter Karlsson are Carolina Liar members.

I wonder how Ali Tamposi and Andrew Watt ended up with Ali Payami in studio. They wrote the song and searched for producers? Ali Tamposi said in March "I were working a lot with Rita Ora".
Video from the studio, can't see faces https://www.instagram.com/p/BdgBip7hWP7/
She's so lovely on stage, although I feel that sometimes she forces the smile when she's nervous. She laughed a lot in the Linkin Park's Chester memorial when she sung heavy with kiiara, that was a little bit awkward.
You meant written? Anyway this will be interesting for sure.
This is cool: Julia singing her songs recorded by other artists.

New Songs / Re: Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling
« Last post by j.fco.morales on January 08, 2018, 06:11:19 PM »
Not feeling it at all.

It's a risky first single, but he's at a moment in his career that he can do whatever he wants.

I read an article about Bruno Mars overselling Timberlake, doing what people expect Justin to do.

Produced by Troye, Oscar Görres (OzGo), James Ghaleb and Leland

Savan Kotecha is apparently the publisher of the song.

Studios, Sounds, Vocals and Tech-Talk / Re: E-mu proteus
« Last post by cheironlover on January 08, 2018, 07:14:30 AM »
Can u share the CD with me?! I don't have the Akai cd

I don't have the akai cd. But if you get the whole dowtown beats cd then scroll almost all the way down, it's there u find the 1 shot drum samples.
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