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Great tune.
Good news.

2:50 ó How to work with Max, you both are producers?
ó I just wanted to play it for him because I had a meeting with him and [? I wasn't certain] that everything is working on and I wasn't 100 % in love with it. But I thought it is a good point to start.
So I played an instrumental and he said I love this, I would love to write to it, don't show me the vocal version.
He went to Sweden and wrote something new. With a little bit of distance I got to [re-due]  both versions and I probably going with Max and I try to finalize it and tune a little bit.

Elley sounds identical to Maren Morris.  Probably she also just copies Sarah Aarons' demo.
Very meh. I guess cuz it's for sports it has to sound aggressive


He opened up about plans for another single, which he is working on with Swede-pop mastermind, Max Martin.
New song

Co-Written by Justin Tranter
Producer: Mattman & Robin
New Songs / Re: Billboard Hot 100 sounds like cr*p
« Last post by backgammonfiend on July 16, 2018, 08:21:20 PM »
u wot m8

Kristian Lundin, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger were able to use the same arrangements 50 times before it started to sound bad or repetitive. In between Kristian's first certified hit (TUMH) and his first bad song released to radio single (I'm Alive), those three made enough fucking bangers and classic ballads from the same foundations to fill up 10 LP's. Judging from the track record, Lukasz and Johan maybe could reuse a starting point 20-30 times at most. these new guys just can't do that.

bottom line max vocal production and melodies are still best of the best but none of the cousins or even max anymore have the ability to make the same song dozens of times and have it sound just as good every time. i don't recognize any writer on the hot 100 who can. maybe ludwig goransson, haha
New Songs / Re: I'll Be Right Here With You
« Last post by bugmenot on July 16, 2018, 02:53:07 PM »
Please, don't create new topics. Post in you old ones.
New Songs / I'll Be Right Here With You
« Last post by SilverBeat on July 15, 2018, 05:09:51 PM »
You can ask me if you like - but when itís cold
Iíll light a fire for you
If you need someone to care -just to hold
Iíll fill that desire too
When your troubled and down
I will bring you delight
Through thick and thin Iíll stick around
Iíll be here both, day and night


Iíll be right here with you
To light a fire on a cold winters day
Iíll be right here with you
Sharing what ever comes our way
Take a trip see the world
Or just a walk down the street
Iíll be right here with you
Itís a promise that I'll always keep

Repeat chorus

If bad luck should come your way - and make you sad
Iíll cure that sadness in you
When you have something to share - makes you glad
Iíll share in your gladness too
When thereís nothing to do
Iíll make it your leisure
When thereís to much youíre going through
Iíll turn your day to pleasure

Repeat chorus

It can be a cold cold world
And sometimes it gets even colder
Iíll be here to keep you warm
As life goes on - as we grow older

iTunes  users - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ill-be-right-here-with-you/1313605252?i=1313605261   

Spotify users - https://open.spotify.com/track/1M3FI5hLRhGUfB8HHJ4LvC     
Sounds like something Troye Sivan would record.

Nice chord progression.
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