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Various documentaries and interviews available on Swedish channel SVT website

Author Topic: Various documentaries and interviews available on Swedish channel SVT website  (Read 30 times)

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Hey guys, these videos have been out for a while but some of you may not have seen them. I did some research on the site and apparently, this hadn't been posted before. They are in Swedish but still, I thought you could enjoy them. There are nice old and rare pictures and bits of interviews in the Cheiron studios too. You can see all of them but the last 2 outside Sweden, without a VPN.

If anybody was kind enough to cap them before they go offline, that'd be wonderful.  ;D

--> How did Martin Sandberg become Max Martin?

-->E-Type makes us go around the (old) Cheiron studios, now called Roxy:

--> Why did Shellback call himself Shellback?

--> Shellback talks about working with Adele:

--> Finally, those 2 episodes from the saga "Det Svenska Popundret":
episode 3: https://www.svtplay.se/video/24064458/det-svenska-popundret/det-svenska-popundret-sasong-1-hitkrattan-och-cheirongubben?info=visa
episode 6: https://www.svtplay.se/video/24064454/det-svenska-popundret/det-svenska-popundret-sasong-1-ma-basta-lat-vinna

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This is so cool. The subtitles luckily can be translated with Google Chrome's translation feature.