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Rolling Stone Music Now
Britney's "...Baby One More Time" At 20!
A deep and hilarious exploration of how Britney Spears changed the face of pop in 1998

Topics include the making of the song, Spears’ initial singer-songwriter ambitions, the rise of Max Martin, rock bands’ infatuation with covering the song, the greatness of “Sometimes,” the glories of the TRL era, Spears’ initial image as what Sheffield describes as a “sex cyborg from Sweden” and much more. Our panel also traces the influence of TLC and Soft Cell on Spears’ vocal style, reminisces about Sheffield’s 2000 interview with Spears (she hated her second album and was desperate for a vacation) and breaks down some all-but-forgotten tracks on her 1999 debut album, from the baffling, dancehall-inflected “Soda Pop” to the prescient dial-up anthem “E-Mail My Heart.”



From a very young age, Britney Spears seemed destined for stardom. The kid from Louisiana had landed a role on the revived Mickey Mouse Club and styled herself as a belter of power ballads. But to score her first No. 1 hit, Spears would team up with an introverted Swedish songwriter named Max Martin. He was trying to write American R&B and instead, through Britney and her high-school dance formations, created a new template for über–American teen-pop. This month, we go inside the Stockholm music factory—and its decades-long history, from ABBA to Ace of Base—that gave rise to a new generation of millennial pop, from the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync to Robyn and Taylor Swift. Email:

What kind of joke friend mfs they got at Billboard

"I Got You" dated? "Siberia" out of touch? "Feels Like Tonight" unremarkable?

fuck outta here with that nonsense vro. the roast of No Heart was on point tho, that shit was highkey wack


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