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Why Denniz and Max stopped working with Ace Of Base after 1994?


I got interested in Max music and was checking his old credits. I found strange that somehow he and Denniz stopped working with Ace Of Base after their second album. It was the biggest Swedish band at that time and they were the best producers in Sweden, seems it was logical being in the same country to continue cooperation, but it ended quite abruptly.
Is there any information, interviews or just rumors why they went different ways? Different artistic views, money, lost of interest, unsatisfying songs performance in charts, something else...?

Which one is the second album? Because Happy Nation was released internationally as The Sign, but it's basically the same album... in that case, The Bridge would be their third and Denniz and Max co produced all the singles from that project.

And the third ones Flowers (in Asia, Europe and Africa)/Cruel Summer (in America) were mainly produced by Cutfather and Joe -Clive Davis overwatching the project- because Denniz died on August of 98.

Max was doing amazing with the boybands and his mentor died.

Yes, that album numbering can be a bit messy  ??? I mean The Bridge as a second album. Those Happy Nation/Happy Nation (U.S. version)/The Sign albums can be treated as one since they differ only by few songs. The Bridge was released in 1995, so cooperation probably ended late 1994/early 1995 when songs were ready.
Next album "Flowers/Cruel summer" released in 1998. They could work together trough years 95-96-97 at least on few songs for the next album, but there was nothing. That looks a bit abrupt split.

This article is very good. I like to read a lot.


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