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acapellas AI is promising

Author Topic: acapellas AI is promising  (Read 318 times)

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acapellas AI is promising
« on: June 14, 2020, 02:46:53 AM »
so i'm sure you heard about the independently developed program made famous by literecords that repurposed a speech reconstruction AI package to make acapellas. it appears to be delivering better results than anything else so far, at least on the beat side - as it seems to avoid placing most instrumental elements (especially piano and acoustic guitars) in the vocal track at all costs. this has led to really warbly acapellas but listenable beat filters for only 10 minutes per song conversion.

The background info is here: http://literecords.com/showthread.php?65004-Powerful-New-Vocal-Remover-AI-Instructions

Unfortunately synths involving vocal samples have appeared to take a hit, as well as guitar pedal effects - but certain beats have come out much cleaner than seen before, like the classics "Tell Me What You Like", "Viva L'amor", "To Love Once Again", "I Got You" & more - as leftover vocals are buried by the instrumentation. To this end, we've run 50 fan favourites and some other tracks for you to survey the results.


Of course, the program is being constantly improved. I have high hopes for cleaner vocal tracks by year's end, even if the conversions start taking much longer. Will update the files with the newest model in 150 to 200 days - would be nice to incorporate the 30 available Cheiron instrumentals in the data set, maybe it could learn to stop destroying the pads.