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Yesteryear Shall Be Upon Us Soon:

Started by Craig Pederson, August 13, 2014, 10:55:54 AM

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Craig Pederson

There is a saying, a very old saying; "When the people are ready the master will return."

Hello. My name is Craig, and I am brand-new to this forum, though I have been a loyal fan of CHEIRON ever since "The Sign" by Ace of Base was released in 1993. I'm unable to crystalize exactly what my quote above means, but in my personal opinion, commercial pop music has been "in the gutter" ever since the heydey of BSB, Britney, & Nsync. Yeah sure, Max is now mainly in Los Angeles, CA doing his thing with the likes of Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kesha, and now even Jennifer Lopez, and yeah some of the other "former Cheiron greats" (AK, KL, etc)  are still doing music, but it is NOT the same.

Today's pop "music" (if you can even call it that) does not honor Denniz, as well as the other true greats from yesteryear. How many "lifeflong Cheiron fans" long to hear timeless classics yet again, such as "I Want It That Way", "Baby One More Time", "Tearin' Up My Heart", etc.. Simply put, REAL pop music as opposed to the "processed garbage" masquerading as pop music nowadays.

Take this for what it's worth though; the winds of time are churning, yesteryear shall be returning, and the past shall equal the future when it comes to the fantastic pop music made famous by our beautiful Cheiron. No, I'm not crazy, just a "fan" in waiting.



The old pop music was much better than nowadays , in the 80's and specially in the 90's with the Cheiron classics , it was REAL pop music.


Really? I don't think so.

The thing is -being reductive as hell- that technology has changed everything, from our usual behaviors to the way artists get major deals -I opened a thread about it, actually-.
Back then, if you hadn't gear and equipment you couldn't make music. Now you only need a computer. It's up to you.

I have to agree that back then, only really talented and hard working people got signed.
What's interesting now, it's not on major labels.
If you're looking for the same, listen to mainstream music.


                    People have been saying "The music was better back when_______________"  ever since Rock 'n Roll started.
    And in 20 years, people will be looking back at today and saying  ''THAT was the 'Golden Era", lol.    Me -- for some reason I'm the same way I was when I was 11 years old.......always excited for the next new great song.   Oh...and trying to write one too :D