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The Struts (Jakob Kerlström, Ludvig Söderberg) Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, June 10, 2022, 12:07:00 PM

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Her album is out

Written by Gustav Nystrom, Jakob Jerlström, Sophia Somajo, Tove Styrke
Produced by Gustav Nystrom


Gimmick melody, done with the calculator and melody math instructions on the table


I love The Struts sooooo much. Along with Mattman & Robin, I think they write the weirdest, coolest, drug-effect songs (outside of Max). They're also generally very sparse and minimalist but really playful with the melodies.

"Hardcore" from the new Tove Styrke album is so good. The slowed down transition into the chorus (AND I WON'T EVER LET! YOU! GO!) is one of my favourite moments of the year.

"Someone Always Knows" from this year is also amazing:


Some of my other fave songs from them (either or both of them):





Written by Daniel Bengston, The Struts (Both) and First Aid Kit
Produced by Daniel Bengston

Are First Aid Kit (Johanna Söderberg and Klara Söderberg) related to Ludvig Söderberg?
They collaborated in Tove Lo's Dirt Femme album recently



Tomorrow a new song by The Struts (as a duo again) will be out by Tove Lo co-written by them and Dua Lipa, it's called Borderline


Quote from: j.fco.morales on February 14, 2023, 03:04:36 PM
Sounds a bit dated.

I think it is, Tove mentioned this is the first song she wrote with Dua when their friendship started.


Written by A Strut, Astrid S and Elof Loelv
Produced by Elof Loelv and A Strut (Not sure which one)


Written by The Struts (Both) and Klara Söderberg
Produced by A Strut (Not sure which one)



Astrid S ? Fuck Off
Written by Astrid Smeplass, Gustav Nystrom, Louise Lennartsson, Maria Hazell
Produced by Gustav Nystrom