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"Into the Nightlife" by Cyndi Lauper

Started by Rebecca, June 01, 2008, 01:54:17 AM

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Someone just posted on my Guestbook this:

"Into the Nightlife" is a new song by Cyndi Lauper. It's written by Peer Åström, Johan Bobäck, Cyndi Lauper & Max Martin and produced by the first three. It's from her new album called "Bring Ya to the Brink".

I just had a listen - it's very dancey, good.

Per Wikipedia Alexander Kronlund has also written a song called "Rain on Me" on her new album



this is the song:


is a good dance song , the chorus is very max martin

the alexander song:



the chorus is good, but the verse is not that good.


It has some interesting moments, but in common it's not the song that I want to listen again. Thanks however :)


I love the chorus. Luckily it repeats itself.  ;D
Just the way you are
We'll be standing soul to soul
My love's never far
I will hear you call
You'll never be inconsolable


The chorus is indeed quite nice, but I am not convinced. I rather want Max writing rock songs than dance tracks.

But it's a proof how versatile he is.

And I liked it..

Alex Martin

GOOD song. I like the chorus. Catchy song.

Alex Martin


Released: May, 27, 2008
Record Label: Epic
Peak Position: The Billboard 200 #41 on June 14, 2008
  Track: Title: Composer: Time: 
1  High and Mighty Lauper, C./Scumfrog   4:43   
2  Into the Nightlife Astrom, P./Bobeck, J./Lauper, C./Martin, M.   4:00   
3  Rocking Chair Buxton, F./Lauper, C./Ratcliffe, S.   3:39   
4  Echo Astrom, P./Bobeck, J./Lauper, C./Wittman, W.   3:55   
5  Lyfe Fife, R./Greene, M./Lauper, C./Merendino, S.   3:38   
6  Same Ol' Story Lauper, C./Morel, R.   5:54   
7  Raging Storm Lauper, C./Morel, R.   5:23   
8  Lay Me Down Kleerup, A./Lauper, C.   3:28   
9  Give It Up Comish, S./Lauper, C./Mace, N.   3:23   
10  Set Your Heart Carstarphen, V./Lauper, C./McFadden, G./Morel, R./Whitehead, J.   3:42   
11  Grab a Hold Hurtz, D./Lauper, C./Sorbara, M.   3:27   
12  Rain on Me Kronlund, A./Lauper, C./Axwell   4:24