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Britney never liked "Sometimes" - what's your opinion

Started by turnaround, March 03, 2013, 12:23:26 AM

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In this tour video Britney states she never like "Sometimes" anyway.

What's your point on that and the song.


I think it's a bit disrespectful, as this was a hit and back then it was welcomed.

But do you like "Sometimes"?

And I liked it..



I'm almost certain her "never liked that song" comment was more of an attempt to shed her former image, especially seeings this was 2004. She was really trying to act like the first few years of her career never happened. I mean, look at the dreadful jazz versions of BOMT and OIDIA, it's as if she's really ashamed of her former friendly pop image. "Sometimes" was probably her most bubble gum pop sounding ballad, so maybe it just didn't fit with her whole sexy hotel themed tour and she decided to joke a bit about it.

I personally quite liked it when it was released, but it didn't quite impact me as much as BOMT, YDMC or BTMYH. I voted it great though, because it's certainly not average. The chorus just didn't gel with me as much as I wished it had, but it's definitely a classic and I love the production and Cheiron vibe or course.

I was just reading the wiki page for it, and noticed there was a lawsuit in 2005 from a guy who claimed he wrote the song back in 1990. It was dismissed, but I'm sure Jörgen would've loved being accused of not having written it! :o


I think it's a great pop song too, although it is very bubblegum. I hope she was just joking in that video, if she wasn't, she was incredibly rude and disrespectful! "Sometimes" was a big hit for Britney and she should be grateful for it.
I hate it when pop stars try to dismiss their early songs when it was those songs that made them successful.
I don't think that Jorgen would have loved being accused of not having written it, he has a story about it on his site. I'm sure he's very proud of that song and so he should be.


not my favourite song... i like her other songs more, my prerogative, stronger, crazy, not yet a girl and so on.

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