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Celine Dion - That's the Way It Is (never heard version?)

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Found this on the "Cheiron Music Group" facebook site.

They write:

--- Quote ---In honor of this enormous hit song's 15th anniversary and what it means to the legendary "Cheiron Studios brand", we are now streaming a special, never heard before super high quality version of it on the official Mixcloud page of Cheiron Studios.
Click the link directly below to listen:
--- End quote ---

Is this there anything different from the the original version?

Cheiron Music Group facebook site:

Anyway. The song is still gorgeous and has not aged a bit in my opinion. Still fresh, beautiful and strong.

Sounds like a fresh re-master, very sharp from what I can tell, bass really kicks. Always love hearing such a Cheiron classic from '99!

What a stunning song! Yes, it still sounds as good as it did back in 1999.

Yes, it does sound more polished and sharper.

sound not so clear to me, looks like some layers have more stereo making it less sharp ,  perhaps i need to get my ears cleaned :)
I still have the song from when it got released, that sounds a bit better

One of my favorite pop songs


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