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Greetings from the UK


Hi there,

Just thought I'd introduce myself and provide a little bit of background.

I'm 1/2 of a songwriting and production duo in the UK. Been big fans and admirers of the Chieron and associates' sound since I first heard it all those years ago. My background is a keyboard player and engineer/producer/programmer (credits include a couple of albums with uk reggae group, UB40)
Just finished reading "The Song Machine" by John Seabrook and was fascinated by it.

Whilst 2015 was very rewarding to me and my writing partner, (we got a publishing deal and a remix release in the US), 2016 is a year for bigger and better things :)
So I thought I'd start by reaching out to our contemporaries and saying "hi".

Despite being in the business for a while now, I'm always keen to learn and have new experiences. Hopefully, here is going to be another source of this :)

Feel free to ask any questions - I'll be doing the same! :)

See you around the forum :)


Welcome Dan! I hope you enjoy it here. That is fantastic that you have worked with UB40. Good luck for 2016!


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