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Evolution of Denniz PoP


Since I couldn't find any production/songwriting page of Denniz PoP on wikipedia or elsewhere, I wonder if someone perhaps has one in chronological order? When you look at his wikipedia page, it appears like he had not done so much while the opposite is true. The man deserves the honour for the work he has done.

Anyway, having his production/songwriting timeline should be valuable data in order to understand how Denniz evolved his Cheiron sound. I heard in a documentary (I think the one from BBC) that Denniz was still making music in the end and that he came up with some rather unique sound. He stated that it was the sound he wanted to make from then on. Not much later he passed away.


Thanks for the link. I actually already used that source, but I find discogs in general and also in the case of Denniz PoP to be very unorganised. It is disorganised organisation and I also think that it is not complete and infused with tracks that he never directly worked on. But maybe I am wrong...


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