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Hello I was wondering, is my website really really slow? and does it crash on you?

For me it's super fast to load up and when I've tried on internet cafe computers it is also really fast, but a guy posted on my guestbook yesterday and said it is slow and crashes on him. Also Malcolm once emailed me and said it was really slow.

I just wondered what it's like for everyone else?

Hopefully I can fix it and i'll speak to the technical people at the webhosting.

For me it loads normally, pretty fast and doesn't crash.


Thanks Turnaround, I'm glad it works ok for you

I rang my Webhosting and they could see no reason for it to be slow or crash, thought it could be a network connection or time difference.

So, I don't really know what to do, hopefully it works for most people.

Feel free to keep my posted if there are any problems.

Oh I was just wondering about that! It's soooooooooooo slow for me :'( And if you're not patient enough it crashes.. :(


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