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There would be no Max & Cheiron success without Ace of Base guys

Started by Dagge, December 02, 2023, 05:37:49 PM

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I wonder why everybody and their neighbors regularly forget the fact that without Ace of Base' songwriters Ulf Ekberg and Jonas Berggren and faith in their main hits, there would be no planetary success of Cheiron and Max. Max and gang would probably work mostly for local Scandinavian stars and their era would end by 2000 with the shift of music taste, without chance given for planetary success. Moreover, based on that many Cheiron songwriter members would probably not be hired by Denniz. Astonishingly lerge number of sources praise Max and Cheiron guys forgetting to mention where this success originated from.

It is an Ace of Base sudden planetary succes that started to drove world record labels attention to Cheiron, although all Denniz added to those hits is a bit of arrangement and production. Denniz even didn't recognize hit potential in those songs, which is well known fact. All in all, it was unbelievable struck of luck and timing for Cheiron guys that made them so famous. Not to say that they were not very talented, but without the sudden huge attention from major labels I doubt they would feel so self-assured to produce worldwide hits. Max once admitted something similar, like there must me strong reassurement to start to believe that those silly melodies you (i.e. he) compose may sound like worldwide hits.

I think this is the most important moment in an aspiring songwriter career, while 98% of them never get this assurement from a reliable and proven source. Once someone relevant enough tells you that your melody has a hit potential, you start to believe in your songwriting skills and the whole new world of opportunities opens up to you.


I think this message underestimates the power of Denniz Pop, who is in my opinion the most genius producer of all the Cheiron and MXM guys to date. His style was versatile, his applicaton of hooking the listener was beyond expectation and his time was unfortunately too short to globally obtain the legendary status he deserves.
Hi, I'm Luke and I'm sitting on my throne! Oh, and have you noticed that Denniz PoP songs are extremely hooky?