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Kesha Sues Dr. Luke, Alleges Sexual Assault & Forced Drug/Alcohol Use

Started by j.fco.morales, October 14, 2014, 06:54:27 PM

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If all this happened so long ago - I wonder why she didn't go to the police ASAP. Then evidence could have taken.
After all this time and if there are no witness it will be hard and it's testimony against testimony.

Maybe they were a couple and things got out of hand eventually?

It's bad that everyone speculates now (including me).

It should not have been taken to the public.
And I liked it..


I think it's important that Dr Luke is innocent until any judge has spoken.
I've read speculations about Becky G "being so young and working with Dr Luke".

Even if he is not guilty in the end - these accusations will always be attached to Luke.

Maybe Ke$ha thought all would work out in the end. And now that there was this break (up) she wants revenge.
If the success would have been still enormous I don't know if she had risked to make all this public.

And I liked it..


That letter from Kesha's mom is pretty bad for Kesha and team. It really does smell of extortion. I agree with turnaround, Luke is innocent until proven guilty. Personally I think Kesha and Luke probably had consensual relations and this is being used against him. I think Kesha's mom might be a little out there and really just hell bent on destroying Luke for the sake of her daughter. But I also think Luke's apparent arrogance and controlling nature is coming back to bite him in the friend. I still don't believe that he did everything that is being alleged but it will certainly hurt his image big time. In Hollywood, however, as in life (but especially in that town) money and power always win. So even if Luke did do all those things we will probably never know for sure. Which really sucks if it's all a lie. I really respect Luke's talent and I'd like to think he's not the monster being portrayed. Really crazy situation.


Quote from: georg_e on October 17, 2014, 11:19:00 PM

QuoteWhether the statements in her lawsuit are true or false doesn't even matter, because the truth is, this shit really does happen.

I see what she means, but I think it's important to keep in mind the consequences of false allegations. I've witnessed many stories in which people were falsely accused of a crime and it's impossible for them to get back from it.

The person that made false allegations is often much better off after all of it than the person who was victim of it.



oh my goodness. It does not look good for Kesha changing her story. It's hard to know if she was really intimidated by Dr Luke enough to lie or what. Dr Luke should just release her from her contract and move on, it's not like he would want to work with her again anyway. This is all so weird.


My common sense tells me this:  If someone assaults you sexually to ANY serious degree - you DON'T wait that long.
You don't actually FINISH the song you're working on - You get out of the situation. 

I have NOT read all the details and seen the TMZs etc, but I do follow pop culture and Luke and think this is
an interesting take.

There's this clip on youtube of Luke and Avril Lavigne hanging out (I post it below). 
Now as you'll see from this, their behavior isn't exactly the embodiment of sensitive.  Avril, actually in this case is
more aggressive.  The point is, it gives you a sneak preview perhaps into the "human interchange" in some of these
recording sessions.

If something legal all of a sudden came up between Avril and Luke for any reason,  then it's easy to imagine
how one side will exaggerate something that, at the time, was fun.  Something that in that youtube clip is goofy.

So another possibility - When Kesha says "sexual assault", it can be that all of it at the time was playful and friendly.  But now that there's something on the line (her contract), all this can be distorted. 

Luke has way too much at stake to sabotage his career to THAT degree.  The "you look like a refrigerator" comment is one level and maybe that's just his insensitivity, sexual assault is a whole other level that he's way too  smart to ever do.  Plus, I didn't read the details of the suit like I said but aren't there other people at these sessions usually?

Link to Avril fooling around with Luke:


George - that's why I said it at the top.  And openly said I was using common sense. 

There's nothing that says that when analyzing something you can't do both.  Have an overall perspective on it as well.
I frankly got the impression from the other forum that everyone was going in different directions:

i.e. - it seemed like the details STILL weren't helping because if they were good details - how could everyone still disagree so much?

out of curiosity - what impression did you come away with from reading it all?  any chance Luke really made her do drugs? assaulted her etc?


Also George, I know it's an emotional topic, but I come in peace I promise :-)  You seem like you're intelligent from previous threads. 
I think I also have something to offer and an analytic mind.  Was simply using a different approach as it can be interesting.  It's not a competition on the thread.

It's all good my man.   

Like I said the "details" didn't seem to be that good since everyone that read them were going in polar opposite directions -  I openly said mine was a different approach..

Would love to know your opinion and why? :-)

Adam B

Quote from: RoyFan on October 22, 2014, 07:45:59 PM

out of curiosity - what impression did you come away with from reading it all?  any chance Luke really made her do drugs? assaulted her etc?

I wonder why they were asking about those specific incidents in the old lawsuit, the plane and 'roofies'? Seems like someone knows about things that happened while they were on drugs..


First of all: mods, please merge this with the actual thread, no need to spam the forum with extra threads of this boring topic.

I must admit I don't follow the topic at all, cause it bores me and I'm just annoyed by people's desire for drama. I don't even have an opinion about it, neither am I taking any sides or add to the drama by making up the weirdest conclusions.

I do though have to say that this comment of yours...

Quote from: RoyFan on October 22, 2014, 06:31:58 PM
My common sense tells me this:  If someone assaults you sexually to ANY serious degree - you DON'T wait that long.
You don't actually FINISH the song you're working on - You get out of the situation.

...is really really dull and leaves a really lame impression of what you call "your common sense". There have been thousands of cases of sexual harassment/abuse, where victims have only come out and sued 20, 30 years after (or even longer).

So, as I said, I'm not parttaking in the Ke$ha/Luke discussion, but that comment of yours was really...worthless.


Jules, there's noooo need to be aggressive.  People that are confident in their intelligence aren't.  I don't make "snap judgements" on people's intelligence from 3-4 sentences.  Can you imagine what a cruel world it would be if everyone did that?
Like Starbuck baristas muttering under there breath about people's wardrobe when they just innocently walk in wanting some

You make a great point about people living in shame/fear with that.  And I did think about that actually right after I posted.

Just because there are so many cases though, doesn't mean there aren't lots of cases when people also get away from the situation pretty fast as well. 

So I don't know, but I think a lot of the cases you mentioned, are with people that live together, which makes it particularly
hard to break free for the abused. 

So my gut in THIS PARTICULAR case says she's exaggerating.  But we'll have to wait to see how many more artists "come out"
against Luke - her lawyer claims there are lots.

But please I beg you chill out, I know it's tragic lots of people go through it.  It's not Armagedon, it's a  forum.


i.e. - discussions aren't a series of intellectual "knock out blows"
you could have said everything you said but with a gentler tone..  "worthless" and "dull" -

just throwing out negative energy into the world..... 


Quote from: RoyFan on October 24, 2014, 01:35:29 AM
you could have said everything you said but with a gentler tone..  "worthless" and "dull" -

I know I could have. But, no need to doubt my intelligence - I actually did want to use these exact phrases! :)