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And the winner is?

Started by NIKLAS"NiCkY", February 03, 2007, 11:36:38 AM

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Max Martin reward a price in sweden for best international songwriter/producer for the Kelly hits...

Max Martin  have a melody feeling that time after time, country after country in 2006 made Kelly Clarksson bigger than ever................something like that

http://www.smff.se/ with Max Martin picture...

At the grammy award in sweden this week Martin Stenmarck won the best song of the year..."sjumilakliv" written by David Stenmarck..

David Stenmarck Thanks Max Martin at his speech for discover him, and everything else......

"Written in the stars" from "Greatest Hits Vol 1"
Release date 2002-11-11
Written by Nick Jarl, David Stenmarck, Andreas Carlsson
Produced by Nick Jarl, David Stenmarck

"Heal" from "Turnaround"

Release date 2003-11-24
Written by Nick Jarl & Savan
Produced by Nick Jarl & David Stenmarck


Final Cut" from the "Greatest Hits" Album.
Release date 2004-05-05
Written by Nick Jarl-David Stenmarck-Dhani Lennevald-Marie Serneholt.

Produced and Mixed by Nick Jarl & David Stenmarck.

"With Or Without You" from the "Greatest Hits" Album.

Release date 2004-05-05
Written by Nick Jarl-David Stenmarck-Amit Paul-Sara Lumholdt.

Produced and Mixed by Nick Jarl & David Stenmarck.
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Thanks so much. The Stenmarck guys are brothers aren't they!
It's nice to see a recent pic of Max.
And I liked it..


Oh wow, that is just awesome!! I'm so happy Max was recognised for his success with Kelly.
Thanks so much for letting us know Niklas!

I love that photo of Max.

I don't know who Martin Stenmarck is, thanks for that info too, I'm glad he thanked Max in his speech.