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Jack & Coke Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, April 16, 2022, 01:37:31 AM

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Written by JKash, Jemaine, Kiddo, Cashae, Rozo and Jack & Coke (Credits from Jack & Coke Instagram, may be inaccurate)
Produced by Jack & Coke and Cashae



Written by Brooke Tomlinson, Davin Kingston and Savannah Sgro
Produced by Jack & Coke




Written by Jack & Coke, Nina Nesbitt and Sara Hjellström
Produced by Jack & Coke



Written by Jack & Coke, Nina Nesbitt and Sara Hjellströn
Produced by Jack & Coke


Written by Jack & Coke, Nina Nesbitt and SHY Martin
Produced by Jack & Coke and Nina Nesbitt


Ireland - Picture This

Written by Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy
Produced by Ryan Hennesy, Jimmy Rainsford and Jack & Coke


Gwen Stefani - True Babe

Written by Gwen Stefani, JKash, Jack & Coke, Luka Kloser, Nicole Rubio
Produced by Jack & Coke and KThrash


Kamikaze - Carly Rae Jepsen

Written by Carly Rae Jepsen, Jack & Coke
Produced by Jack & Coke


Nothing On (But The Radio) - Addison Rae

Written by Addison Rae, Billy Steinberg, JKash, Josh Alexander, Madison Love
Produced by Jack & Coke, Josh Alexander and Billy Steinberg

WAIT, so it's not written by Lady Gaga? And Addison got a writing credit by changing 3 or 4 lines of the original song? I'm furious
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnQ__hjkhYA the demo is 100x better

TBH, it was a crime this song didn't see the light, something is better than nothing


bring u down - Christian French
Written by Christian French, Dalton Diehl, Justin Jesso, Lewis Martinee, Rubén Cárdenas
Produced by smle, Jack & Coke