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All Cheiron and Cheiron related Official Instrumentals ==> LIST here

Started by *Sabine*, January 20, 2008, 12:04:54 PM

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I'm looking for Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely and Drowning official Instrumentals with no Backing Vocals.



B Steady

Quote from: backgammonfiend on July 29, 2016, 03:33:55 AM
I know that I'm running a little bit late to the game here... I can't believe it's been 20 years since We've Got It Goin' On dropped.
A TV track is a song with a muted lead vocal.

Anyway, this is my list of Cheiron instrumentals (1990 - 2001) that I was able to track down:
Solid Harmonie - I'll Be There For You
Discovery - Straight Up Funk
Five - Slam Dunk Da Funk
M2M - Pretty Boy (BGV)
Robyn - Show Me Love Remake from extended version
Leila K - Open Sesame
The Cool Runnings - Twice Shy
The Mobile Homes - Something Better (Denniz Pop Remix)
Gladys - Here's The Music
Chase (Instrumental) from Gimme Some Mo Bass 12"
Note: I can't send the really old Denniz Pop stuff. I have the records but no way to listen to them or rip the files....

Dr. Alban
No Coke 7" Instrumental
Hello Afrika
U & Mi
It's My Life Remix {is this Denniz? I'm not sure actually.}

Ace Of Base
All That She Wants
The Sign Demo

Jessica Folcker
I Do
To Be Able To Love
Tell Me Why
How Will I Know Who You Are
{I will never understand why Tell Me What You Like was not released even though all these were.}

If I Could Be The One
Miss You
^classic Jorgen

My Love
When You're Looking Like That (224k mono, BGV)
I Lay My Love On You (224k mono, BGV) - if i could get the raw file straight from the World Of Our Own karaoke VCD i may be able to strip the vocals.
When You're Looking Like That (96k mp3 , no BGV)
If I Let You Go (128k demo, no BGV)

Tearin' Up My Heart Remake from extended version (It would be the original if I had access to the TV track. WHY WAS THERE NO KARAOKE DISC WITH NSYNC GREATEST HITS WTF JIVE)
I Want You Back Remake from extended version (it's actually very accurate. once again, if i had access to the TV track i could literally make the original.)
Bye Bye Bye
It's Gonna Be Me
I'll Never Stop

Backstreet Boys
<I just got the Chapter One karaoke VCD and will be working on stripping the vocals in September.>
We've Got It Goin On (with and without BGV)
Quit Playin' Games (with and without BGV)
I Wanna Be With You Remake from sampled chorus and Global Hitmakers inst.
Nobody But You Remake from extended version (in progress)
Everybody (Original and Extended)
As Long As You Love Me (with and without BGV)
I Want It That Way
Larger Than Life (album version)
Show Me The Meaning (BGV)
The One
The Call (BGV)
Shape Of My Heart (with and without BGV)
Fake versions of Get Another Boyfriend and The Answer To Our Lives
Good Prosound remakes of Don't Wanna Lose You Now, It's True, and It's Gotta Be You (rest of the Prosound stuff is garbage)
Drowning (BGV)

<just copped the Oops Stronger Edition VCD. idk how rare it is but there's no BOMT stuff on it ;( I was really hoping for TV tracks for BTMYH and Sometimes. C'mon 20th anniversary re release!)
Baby One More Time
You Drive Me Crazy (The Stop Remix)
Born To Make You Happy (no first verse)
Oops (with and without BGV)
Lucky (with and without BGV)
Stronger (with and without BGV)
Overprotected (with and without BGV)
I'm Not A Girl (96k mp3, I KNOW the lossless version was released on some super rare friend untitled Zomba CDs. I will pay $100 for it straight up.)
Really good Prosound remakes of I Will Be There and Where Are You Now

Stuff that people posted here that they found that I couldn't find
Get Another Boyfriend
Larger Than Life (the video mix)
E-Type - Paradise

maaaaan, you know that we need them! what can we do to get them? :)
Vila i frid Dag


Quote from: B Steady on July 29, 2016, 12:17:54 PM
maaaaan, you know that we need them! what can we do to get them? :)

Where are these instrumental versions available? Thanks a lot!


just search on google youll find e-type paradise instrumental


Please upload everything...even thought they're on YouTube the quality is always compressed...I've been looking for their karaoke since ages.

Even Britney's VCD were done with lef/right channel thing...



if you don't have it then what exactly did you upload to lite records 5 years ago?


5 years ago?! I have a stalker ahahahahah
Well actually a friend of mine sent instrumentals ripped from his cd singles. Download link probably are dead but the list should be up. There's no need to put all of this mistery around it.


If I let you go is different from the one in the music video.

EDIT: It's officially labeled as If I Let You Go (US Mix)


And I liked it..

Michael Rodion

Here, Backstreet Boys - Get Another Boyfriend Instrumental :

removed link
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Michael Rodion

Quote from: backgammonfiend on December 03, 2016, 07:25:12 PM
what kind of joke BS video is that ????

i'd have uploaded it but they took my channel down

not joke but that's art
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that video is the very definition of a scam. it does not contain one second of the instrumental.

This video is actually the instrumental.