Author Topic: Source/Sample Of This Sound?  (Read 1649 times)

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Re: Source/Sample Of This Sound?
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2021, 12:02:43 AM »
Yeah, the sax also sounds like the RedOne trademark sound I believe.
I just listened to the sound very carefully. It sounds rather glassy, so it makes me think of a source such as D50. Naturally, such a classic synth can be found as a source in many romplers.
1. The Korg M1 is based on the D-50, so def search in there: check out SE/Complex category.
*I was just briefly checking it out and found a sound called submarine. Someone on the forum was searching for it, sounds really like a tom drowned in reverb in the M1. Probably not the same as the Cheiron one, but good to be aware of its existence inside the M1.
2. Omnisphere2 (check presets, but also search by going to init preset and then browse through sample library, accesible inside osciliation section)
3. Usual recommendation: check out Korg, EMU, Zenology romplers + addition for this specific case: check out SFX presets inside synths. There are many hidden gems there.
4. If you listen closely you hear that from the moment the sounds jumps to the right side, another sound enters.

I don't have time to spend a whole afternoon browsing for presets at this moment so I can't be of any more help than to share my gear knowledge. I used to browse presets for 4 hours a day and tbh at some point I would always get lost and my ears would be totally deceived (but that's my fault because I don't replay the sample I'm searching for enough :))
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