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Death of the melody?

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Hello fellow pop music fans :)

I’ve been an avid reader in this forum for quite some time now and a Max fan for over 15 years.
I know every Max song in and out since I’m a songwriter and musician myself.

I was always a huge fan of mainstream pop music and it’s fast paced trends, but somehow for the last 2 or 3 years I really don’t know how to feel about mainstream music anymore. Yesterday I listened to the new Doja Cat single “You Right” written and produced by Dr. Luke and I literally was scratching my head in disbelief. To me, pop music was always about great melodies, these new pop songs somehow try to imitate current mainstream hip hop and abandon great melody writing in exchange for 3 notes that are repeated to oblivion in a super annoying way. Just listen to the aforementioned track. The chorus melody sounds like garbage to my ears! I know I know, hip hop is the number one genre at the moment (at least in the US) but ditching interesting melodies in order to appeal to 13 year old kids that listen to mumble rap and trap all day is not the way to go if you ask me. Especially not for pop music. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

I wonder what Max is thinking about this new trend! Max, to me, is the king of melodies, and his melodies are so well crafted that I would give anything to hear his opinion on this. At least to my ears, it sounds like we’re approaching an era of “death of the melody” and it’s super super frustrating!!

Thank you for your comment :)

Say so is an interesting song and I can tell you what my initial reaction was after hearing the song for the first time: aha interesting, someone sampled the guitar riff from “good times” by chic. Nile Rodgers wouldn’t be too amused because he’s not been credited ;) Then I read that it was a song by Dr. Luke and it was all clear as day! Haha I like Mr. Gottwald and think he’s amazingly talented but, as a songwriter myself, I strongly believe he’s sometimes too obvious with copying songs from the past without giving proper credits. („Girlfriend“ by Avril Lavigne is the perfect example which is a massive rip off of The Rubinoos' 1979 single "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend") or listen to the chorus of Katy Perry’s „Teenage Dream“ and compare it to The new radicals „you get what you give“. Luke even copied the quarter note guitar pattern in the Intro  ;D) … I have plenty more examples but that’s a tale for another time :)

Yeah, I’ve seen that showcase. Very interesting stuff. To me, if you copy your own songs or reuse samples, background vocals, effects, etc. from previous songs, that’s ok. But it you copy others without giving them proper credits that’s a big no no. For instance, I didn’t know Lee Oskar‘s „San Francisco Bay“ wasn’t credited when Kesha‘s „Timber“ came out. I instantly recognized Lee Oskars song because of the little harmonica melody and because I like music from the 70‘s. The original writers filed copyright infringement claims and sued the record label.

I would love to see what Luke would do if someone ripped off one of his songs and made a smash hit 😂

Max, for instance is also reusing melodies sometimes. For instance the chorus of „Loser like me“ is actually the verse from „When you’re looking like that“. Funny stuff. 😂

I think at this point everything was made and created.

The differences are subtle: vocals, tone, sound design, texture, the lyrics, the moment of the release, etc.


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