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Hey, no problem at all Feelgoodlies. It's nice to you know you check out my site!

As I said before, any comments are most welcome.

Rebecca, I wanted to say thank you for your site, it's amazing! Before you created it, I wanted to make a site too but I never fondn the time (and skill lol) to take the step!
What a great idea to list all the songs from all the artists who worked with Max! I guess it's cool for his promo too cause Maratone is partially incomplete. Talking about lists, I noticed there were some missing songs from Britney, like Walk on By, I'll never stop loving you and the song coming with the Pepsi commercial...

Thanks Sabine!
Yes, you are right about songs missing. I should add Walk on By. What's I'll Never Stop Loving You?
I think i have the song for the Pepsi commercial, was that a Cheiron song? I've forgotten. Next weekend I should add some things, I'm away at the moment so haven't been checking the internet but will be back tomorrow.

I'll Never Stop Loving You is a song britney did with max sometime around the OIDIA/Britney era probably.

you can hear it here:

I'll never stop loving you is one of the 8 songs they did at Cheiron for the recording session of the album BOMT. Max is reportedly not involved in the song. The booklet reads written by Jason Blume and Steve Diamond and produced by Per Magnusson and David Kreuger....and it's very much their style. :D This songs was a bonus on the BOMT Japanese album and is on the international version of BOMT re-released in 2005....

The Pepsi song (Joy of pepsi) was produced by Per and David as well... You can even listen to a snippet on It sounds much better and clearer than the TV cap we all have.  ;)


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