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Studios, Sounds, Vocals and Tech-Talk / Re: Backstreet Boys' Everybody String sound
« Last post by ChrizPoP on August 09, 2022, 08:51:50 AM »
It’s a combination of E—Mu Vintage Key’s 085 StringWheel from the New Sound Bank back in time, and maybe a synth from  Jupiter or Roland JV-series. I will try to recreate this start. Only Max Martin know the ingredients 👻🤠😎
One detail: Doja signed with Kemosabe/RCA in 2014. Her first release as Doja Cat through Kemosabe was Purrr! in August 2014.

The defamation case started on October 2014.

And well, if you're an unsigned act and get an offer, you don't think twice. And Doja is published by Prescription Songs, founded by Luke.
Maybe leaving behind the nickname was a bad idea, it got traction once we started to see "Dr. Luke" as production credits once again. He didn't need to leave behind MADE IN CHINA or Tyson Trax
Luke has a reputation, yes. But I also think that reputation gives lots of artists the go-ahead to embellish his deviance. For example, those statements by Doja Cat in that RS article.

The majority of her hits have been Luke-produced or co-penned. Say So was her breakthrough hit. So I find it more to be letting her fans know she doesn't like him while reaping the benefits of his music/production style.

She says she doesn’t think she needs to work with Dr. Luke again. “So High” led to Doja signing a record deal with Dr. Luke, who would later be accused by Kesha of drugging and raping her, leading many artists to speak out against him and refuse to work with him. (Dr. Luke has denied Kesha’s allegations and sued her for defamation. Kesha dropped her lawsuit in 2016; Dr. Luke’s lawsuit is ongoing.) With the release of Doja’s hit “Say So,” on which Dr. Luke is credited, Doja received criticism from some of her fans for working with him, which she has often refused to address. “I don’t think I need to work with him again. I don’t think I need to work with him in the future. I know that,” she says. “I think it was definitely nice of me to work with him.”

Doja also hinted that she believes Dr. Luke is unfairly credited for some of her songs. “There’s shit that he’s credited for, where I’m like, ‘Hmm, I don’t know, I don’t know if you did anything on that,'” she says, though she declined to specify which ones. A few weeks later, she sent a follow-up statement denying that Dr. Luke had been unfairly credited on any of her songs, saying her previous comments had been borne out of “sensitivities in the past about certain people attributing my general success to the work of others — in particular, men.” “The credits on my music are accurate, and I don’t want to imply anything else,” she said. (“As it is his daily work, his practice, as is the industry’s, is to receive publishing when he creates songs,” a representative for Dr. Luke told Rolling Stone in a statement.)

Being a huge fan of Dr Luke's work, I can't ignore he has a reputation...
Luke has no writing credit on every kemosabe release. He has contracts with artists wherein it is agreed that he will be the producer of a certain amount of songs on the album. For example on kesha 6 songs per album. And what if his name is not there? They can fix that by giving him credit on a song to get to the agreed productions.

Dua Lipa's third single released on a major albel (Warner) was New Rules and it charted at 6 Billboard (on target). Therewith she has reached the target to be given more shots. The singles released before were released by an indie record label who's mere owner is Dua Lipa. After New rules came IDGAF (49 bb, kind of off target but ok let's give it another try) and then came don't start now (#2 on bb). Then she had Physical (not on target), Break my heart (on target, #13 bb), Hallucinating (not on target), Levitating (on target). Those are great numbers.

When you look at albums like I did above, you can often tell why certain artists fell or started releasing with B producers. Examples that come to mind quickly are Usher, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, and the other member of that band harry styles was in. The latter had a number one i believe on his first album but messed up the second and that meant his azz. This business is merciless for the artists once they are off target, they will shut them down and close all their doors to great people. That's when they realise that those doors were opened because the labels are involved. No matter the status they had before, they are all replaceable. Great songwriters and producers aren't.
We all agree she has star potential.

Is it helpful to her to work with Luke? And as far as I know, she still writes primarily with Aaron Joseph.
Plus: Doja Cat said she wouldn't work with Dr Luke again.

I said some years ago here in the forum that I think Luke has writing or producing credits on every Kemosabe release even if not involved.
It took 4 years for Dua Lipa to release an album although she was "number one focus of Warner Music". And New Rules was the sixth solo single...
Luke was saying he'd rather go slow and have a natural growth of a fanbase and name recognition over a one hit wonder, because a one-hit-wonder is a dead end of a career.
I think the label took a risk by making Kim Petras one of their top artists. The risk is that money is invested in promotion but targets are not reached. Albeit, all she needs is a song to hit #1. I don't believe in this sound she is putting out now as much as I believe in another sound. Though I must confess that I do not rule out that this sound she is putting out now will become the new trend, so they are making the right move (am I contradicting myself here? Yes I guess so). Once 3-4 singles have been released while being treated as an A artist and nothing happens, then she will never get the chance to be a A-artist again. At least, that's the pattern of the last 30 years by new artists releasing singles. In the book by John Seabrook The Hit Machine this pattern is also stipulated.
I was thinking, they can keep Future Starts Now as a lead single, but maybe release it a day after Lollapolazza or one or two weeks after she previewed it back on July 6th. I was thinking for Coconuts, that maybe release and preview the song around the summer instead of the winter. As it feels like , and maybe replace Coconuts with Born Again as the second single, and release it on November instead of December like Coconuts. They also said that the third single was going to be Hit it from the Back, but I was thinking maybe replacing All She Wants as the third single in March. Maybe make Hit it From the Back a stand alone single and release it in June just in time for Pride Month.

I was also thinking maybe scrap Slut Pop. While it's a guilty pleasure for me, you could say it was the reason why the original third single was delayed and kind of stalled everything for her. Maybe make Treat Me as a stand alone single for Valentines Day, or maybe next year so it doesn't collide with the album rollout.

Sorry if it comes out jumbled. I don't really work in the music industry, i'm just a music fan. Anyways, hope it answers your questions.

2 single releases is the max. If they hit the targets, then a third can be released etc. Good point to put coconuts out on spring or summer and not December
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