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The "REAL" Cheiron sound...

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Tommy Nelson:
Hey everyone!!! If you're looking for the actual sounds used in "Cheiron" productions on some virtual recording software with computer samples of sound patches, you're barking up the wrong tree! Keep in mind, this is in reference to all the songs produced at Cheiron before 2000... Back in the 90's they used "workstation keyboards", (real) analog synthesizers, and rack synths at Cheiron. That's where all their sounds came from. Not ANY type of "virtual" computer patches. I'm not saying they didn't use computers at all, they did use Pro-Tools, which they only used for recording and mixing. So if you want to make the "actual" Cheiron sound, you're going to need the actual sounds they used which are on these various now "vintage" keyboards, rack synths, etc. 8)

Means all nothing to me, but I am sure it's interesting

I just read that at Maratone

Do you use Addictive Drums from XLN Audio

How can I get a hold of your sounds?
You can find a complete list of our studio equipment on the studio pages. We cannot specify any sounds/drum loops etc since we are using so many different ones.
We are not always using sounds from sampling cd's. We have recorded live musicians for a long time.

addictive drums is perfect..

I Use It in My Music  :D


--- Quote from: "Tommy Nelson" ---I'm not talking about what equipment they are using now at Maratone, Only what they used at Cheiron! And those are NOT the drums that they used... At Cheiron, they used Korg "workstation" synths for their drums. That's where the drums that were used (at Cheiron) come from! Not a computer program. 8)
--- End quote ---

Did you visit CHEIRON back in the days?

^ Exactly. Some people seem to think to re-create the Cheiron sound, you just get any drum samples or any keyboard you want. It's not that easy, IF you want to create music with the same sounds they used. The sounds are so important, and to get them you must get the right equipment. Some people just don't realize.


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