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Denniz PoP - Gimme some mo' (Bass on me)

Started by Tommy Nelson, May 18, 2007, 04:43:41 AM

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Tommy Nelson

Hey Cheiron fans !!! Just wondering if anyone out there has Gimme some mo' (Bass on me) in full??? I haven't ever been able to hear it in its entirety. Thanks!  :D


oh damn yes, even if this topic is old.... I've never been able to find a singe song by Denniz himself. If anyone here can help!  :)


I've got the Mo' Bass Version, you can download it here:
I've just got the original version on vinyl sorry.. :(

But I do have some other of his old songs on mp3 (like Digital Shoom, Chase and other remixes) so just tell me if you want them :)

Edited by turnaround: sorry I had to edit the link out :(
Please only send by PM.


thanks a lot dear! sure 'id like them! i'll see you on msn! :D


This song is the intro and outro heard on the Swedish radio special "Cheiron - en popsaga" tribute.
According to an even older interview with "Dagge" (D. PoP) revealed this is his least favourite song of his because it's his first song, created while playing in the days when there were no proper remix-equipment and few samplers around he had to use a razor blade and tape to put all the pieces together, you here something that sounds like a song.


Interesting, thanks for reporting to us here :)