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Any Kristian Lundin fans here???

Started by Tommy Nelson, May 19, 2007, 07:01:29 AM

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Alex Martin

Denniz always in my heart!!!!

Thank's for your music.

Alex Martin

Denniz always in my heart!!!!

Thank's for your music.

Alex Martin

Denniz always in my heart!

Thank's for your music!!!



I love Kristian's works

his latest one is "Hearts Don't Lie" by German  Joana Zimmeryou can find the song on her new album The Voice In Me


love Kristian and listen to this

Bryan todd is currently co-writing/co-producing a new song entitled "WIN THIS"
with Kristian Lundin for, X-FACTOR winner, SHAYNE WARD's new album.

and this

Bryan Todd is currently co-writing a new song entitled "How Could You" with Kristian Lundin.  Bryan and Smidi of Offbeat will co-produce the song with Kristian

More news about Kristian friend Bryan todd
Most recently Bryan Todd has formed OFFBEAT MUSIC GROUP in early 2006! Bryan had a vision of creating a musical community much like he had seen from Max Martin's (Cheiron) or Bagg and Arnthor's (Murlyn Music) in Sweden.  OFFBEAT is a full service Music Production, Publishing and Record Company based in Los Angeles and has an admin deal with Warner/Chappell.

that is what i call news

If you can dream it, you can be it.


To speak in the words of a famous Kazak reporter: NICE! I LIKE!!! :smt023


in my opinion kristian lundin is one of the most interesting producers in contemporary pop music production. the way he and the other guys produce, arrange and mix their stuff is really unique and incomparable. Starting with Max and the others from Cheiron to use their special kind of arrangement technique (short intro with chorus influences-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge and now! : refrain (modulated) with backing vocals...) which you can hear in all their first hits (backstreet boys, n sync, britney...
When Kristian did I´m Alive for Céline i was completely like : Shit - That´s just toooooooooo good !
I have never heard or seen anything like this before ! This song has such a fresh arrangement-structure ! There isn´t really a kind of "verse or refrain" but somehow it works perfectly ! The way Céline and the typical swedish backing vocals melt together at the end takes my breath away !! The whole song has an incredible cool groove, superbe sounds and the melody and harmonies are just perfect. So the lyrics. The way andreas c. + kristian are combining words and music is incredible. the words "...call (on me)..." + "...hear (you breathe)..." + "...wings (to fly..." + "...feel (that i´m alive)... are putted on a long tone and the fact that these words are the basic vowels of pop music which allow the singer to create fantastic sound shows how perfect this track is for one of the most distinctive voices in the world ;-)


Wonderful description anthem!

I am also amazed by this song, and Celine is a favourite artists of mine anyway, so she recording Cheiron song is like perfect match to me!

Welcome by the way, great to have another German member!!
And I liked it..


welcome anthem26

that is a great description of I'm Alive


My favorite Kristian is his Amadin days & his early stuff with Dr. Alban. There are a few later pop songs he did that were great, like Tearin' Up My Heart, but his later 'adult contemporary' stuff is boring & not the same. Dance music is what he excels at above anything, in my opinion.