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(Re-)-Re-cycling of songs / Covering

Started by turnaround, May 29, 2007, 01:41:38 AM

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This isn't really a phenomen of the recent years but somehow I just notice it more often.

Do you differentiate between the "normal" covers (usually hits) or just minor national songs (often Idol songs) that get released in many countries?

"Right here right now" has now been recorded 3 times (as far as we know), but as the CDs it was on were just national releases the fans might all think this is a original song..

What's the reason?

Are there just not enough good pop-songs out there, or do the A & Rs  not take a risk and they use a song that has worked before.

It's not really adding to the individuality of an artist and on Idol-albums there tend to be tracklists with quite a few songs that have been re-recorded and might bore people..
And I liked it..


Yeah I always notice that,I hate it when the song is being done by alot

But I think they get those songs for free from the producers or pay small amount of money because they are copy-righted so they don't mind.


hmm, good topic

when it's a great song I love to hear different versions or covers of it and it can be interesting to hear how different singers can change the song.
Eg I personally prefer Anthony Callea's version of Obvious over Westlife's, and maybe that is due to a solo singer v more singers.

but when the song is not so good then it is just laziness on the part of the record company or artist or whoever decides for that song to be released again.


I agree--good topic!

I think I definitely distinguish between the two.  I usually can't stand "normal" covers (on albums)--that's practically all Clay Aiken's second album was made up of, for example, which I thought was incredibly lazy and really cut off most of the interest I'd had in his career ever since "Invincible"...but "Invincible" was a cover, too, of a D-Side song, and I didn't mind the fact that that was a cover at all (once I found out that is was).  I'm not always a fan of recycling of lesser known (on an international scale) songs, but I have a lot more patience for it than I do for normal covers.  They interest me a lot--spotting them is always fun!

I do sometimes feel sorry for the original acts, though, depending on if the new version goes on to be a big hit--like, say, for Christine Milton and "Superstar," which was a hit for Christine in Denmark but then became a huge hit internationally for Jamelia.  In that case, I can't help thinking that it would have been nice for the original singer to have had the chance at that success, especially since I think I read somewhere (and please correct me if I'm wrong!) that Christine was told she was going to be able to release the song internationally but the song was given to Jamelia behind her back despite of those assurances.


Covers are usually so boring. And to have an album mostly full of covers.. yawn. I do think part of it is laziness.

However, I do love when singers do live covers. It changes it up a bit & you get to hear some of their favorite songs & influences.

Like.. Christina Aguilera has done "At Last" (by Etta James) many times, which is an amazing cover. But she's never recorded it and stuck it on an album, which she could have easily done. I think it's stuff like that that's best kept for live shows.

I especially hate when people with minimal singing talent do covers for their albums. They usually stick to the original verbatim and don't change anything about the song whatsoever. So Boring. No offense, but when boybands & girlgroups like Play try to sing classics, they're usually horrible and so generic sounding. I can't stand stuff like that. They need to stick to their own cheesy songs and not touch old classics.  :cry: