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Jessica Folcker Question.

Started by princessofegypt, May 29, 2007, 07:17:41 AM

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I've read online quite a few times that Jessica Folcker sang backup on Ace Of Base songs. Does anyone know which songs she supposedly sang on? I don't hear her on any of their stuff, & especially not the Denniz-produced stuff. The only one I can think of that she could be in is Beautiful Life, because there's quite a few singers mixed in there (Max, Nana, etc), so it's possible she's in there too but I don't really hear her.

This is what I keep finding online on websites about her:

Her big dream was to become a singer, which was fulfilled when she was engaged as a backing singer for the international superstars Ace of Base and Dr. Alban.

I know she's on some Dr. Alban stuff, but Ace Of Base? Anyone know if there's any truth to this?


I don't know either!

Jules - you are the expert on Ace of Base, can you shed some light on this?


Quote from: "Rebecca"Jules - you are the expert on Ace of Base, can you shed some light on this?
Am I? Well I kinda know all the AoB-songs in & out by heart. Besides, most of them are Gothenburg productions, Cheiron only did "Beautiful Life", "Lucky Love", "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" & "Blooming 18". When Denniz PoP did "All That She Wants" in 1992 @SweMix and "The Sign" 1993 @Cheiron, Jessica Folcker wasn't around yet, so all she could have possibly sung on are the 4 listed above...

But I think we should rather ask Tommy. He's the one who hears Andreas & Max's whispers out of 100 screaming voices!  :D

Besides, here are the credits to those 4 songs according to the album booklet of "The Bridge":

"Beautiful Life":
Vocals by Jenny, Linn & Joker
Backing vocals & cue choir by Jeanette Söderholm & Max Martin

"Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry":
Vocals by Linn & Jenny
- no background vocal credits -

"Lucky Love":
Vocals by Jenny & Linn
Backing vocals by Jeanette Söderholm

"Blooming 18"
Vocals by Jenny & Linn
Backing vocals by Jeanette Söderholm

Personally I'd definetly say NO, she didn't sing for AoB. Her voice is very easy to identify, even from a choir. And usually I recognized her voice immediately when I heard her doing backing vox in other artists songs.

Tommy Nelson

Thanks for the referal Jules, :lol:... As far as Jessica Folcker singing background vocals on Ace of Base songs at Cheiron, I would have to go with princess on this one. The only song I think she might be singing in is "Beautiful Life". Denniz PoP formed what he called the "cue choir" somewhere around 93' or 94'. Denniz just simply took all the session singers that he knew and worked with up to that point and put them all together to create a choir. One of the first songs they were used on (before they were even named "cue choir") was "Sing Hallelujah!" for Dr. Alban in 1993. If you listen to the vocals on that song you will hear some of the same voices as in "Beautiful Life", even Max Martin was part of the choir on both of those songs. You can hear his deep voice very clearly! There are qite a few random voices in there so it is possible Jessica is in the mix. :D


Oh, again something new, didn't know about the choir!

Now I have another Jessica Folcker question!

Does anyone know these songs - they have been released in ASIA and so I never had a chance to listen to them. They were bonus-tracks on the albums.

I don't want to talk about it [Dino]
Ain't nothing going on but the rent [Jessica]
Just wanna be with you [Jessica]
Love You For All Time - Duet With 김민종 [Dino]

Thanks to anyone who can help!
And I liked it..


Quote from: "®a|ÑßØw÷¢H!LÐ"
But I think we should rather ask Tommy. He's the one who hears Andreas & Max's whispers out of 100 screaming voices!  :D


Tommy Nelson

Hey Turnaround! The only Jessica song I've heard of that you mentioned here is "I just wanna be with you". That's the same song she did with E-Type from "The Explorer" album in 1996. I guess since it was a hit single, they included it as a bonus track on the Asian release of Jessica's debut album. "I just wanna be with you" is a Euro-reggae-pop song kind of similar to "Princess of Egypt". It's produced by Kristian Lundin and Jessica and Nana are singing the chorus and so on. If you like Jessica, you would like this song alot. Her vocal's are really featured alot on this song. :D


Turnaround, Jessica's song of I Don't Want to talk about it is a cover. I don't like this song, I can't think of who sang the original, but I bet if you turn on any 'classic hit's' or 'adult contemporary' radio they'll play it.


Oh I see, many artists have recorded this song then already.

Rod Steward, Dina Caroll, Everything but the girls,

Will listen if I know it!
And I liked it..


I have another question.
On this E-Type site there is a Jessica discography and you can see a CD there



Was this a very early project of Jessica, she might be the girl on the right?

Edit: I just found the answer myself

Description & comments:
Rare unreleased Swedish 7" featuring Denise "DeDe" Lopez and Jessica Folcker, autographed by Denise
And I liked it..