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Started by ®a|ÑßØw÷¢H!LÐ, January 24, 2007, 06:50:39 PM

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Does anyone of you own or know where to find videos of the CHEIRON people, especially old interviews or documentaries?
I'm looking out for old Denniz PoP interview/documentary material but so far I wasn't able to find any...  :(


No sorry

I'd love to see a denniz PoP interview though


I would love to find interviews with the Cheiron guys. Would there be anything on an E-type site with Denniz Pop?

I have seen a couple of interviews with Max: one on Britney's video: Time Out With Britney. Also on a BBC tv music documentary a few years back. A 6 part music docu, the last one about Pop music, but it's only a short interview with him. They replay it every now and again on tv but I can't see that you can buy it anywhere. I will watch it again (i think i have it somewhere on tape, i hope anyway) and I can transcribe it. It was called Walk on by: The Story of Popular Song. In 2001.

My Mum mentioned a while ago that she saw Jorgen Elofsson being interviewed on Channel 7 in Australia on a show Today tonight, she said he talking about his success and he wrote the main song for a sporting ceremony, it could have been the Soccer last year, though I can't remember what my Mum said. or maybe some other sporting event.

The only thing might be is to buy every dvd of artists they work with an maybe they have a behind the scenes thing in the studio, though you have probably done that!


Quote from: "Rebecca"[...]
I have seen a couple of interviews with Max: one on Britney's video: Time Out With Britney. Also on a BBC tv music documentary a few years back.

How long is the interview on the Britney DVD?
Is it worth buying?!

I don't like Britney much, so I kinda refuse to spend money on her DVD, but how else would I be able to get to see the interview?!  :?


It's absolutely worth buying. Max has long hair in this! (maybe you can buy cheap from Ebay). It's from Spring 1998, from the recording of Britney's first album, they are recording the song I Will Be There. They must in Cheiron studios. The part with Max talking is only a few minutes long. There is also Rami in the background. There is a tiny bit of Max singing.

If you would like me to write exactly what Max says, let me know! I will type it out if you want.


Oh would be really interesting Rebecca.

The video in Max Studio with "I will be there" is on youtube.

The interview is not I think.

And I liked it..


Thanks for posting the YouTube link, that is exactly the footage from the dvd without the Max Martin interview.

So here is the interview (almost word for word) with Max on the Britney dvd Time Out With Britney. In the chaper: Recording My First Album

Spring 1998

Britney chatting about music she likes etc Mariah, Whitney, her time in Mickey Mouse club etc.

Britney sitting down singing with Rami.

Max sitting with Britney both singing I Will Be There
Rami I think (in the background) starts singing along, singing something funny maybe, because they both laugh

Max: She's got an excellent voice, it's like um, it's actually quite, you know, what I heard in the Backstreet Boys, that they had you know excellent voice with a bit flavour in it, a good sense of catching the melody, performing it, like, taking it to another level, because as a songwriter that's what you're looking for. You do a song that sounds good and then if the artist can take that to another level, you know that's the perfect thing, that's the perfect situation.

Britney sings a bit of I Will Be There

Max talking to Britney about recording the song, explaining to her something about recording after the break down.


Sorry will have to post the rest later, it keeps on saying No post specified when I copy the text to the post, or when I post more than a couple of lines. sorry!


Interesting. Thank you!

The funny thing is, I read Max said once it took him ages to get Britneys voice afterwards when editing the mixes and stuff.   :)  :wink:
And I liked it..


Ok for some bizarre reason I wasn't able to type the rest of the interview with Max and post it.

So, I typed it out on this link:



Thank you Rebecca. It's really weird that you couldn't type it here. I am sorry that I couldn't help. Let's hope it will work fine again now.  :)
And I liked it..



thanks Rebecca :wink:

In this video Britney doesn't sing the same version of 'I Will Be There' that we can find in his album... it seems like it's a demo version, the music is very simple and similar to '... Baby One More Time'... :wink:


Yes, I just had another listen, the music is different, thanks for picking that up.