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BSB or Westlife?!

Started by turnaround, February 19, 2007, 04:26:57 PM

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Malcolm Part 4:
I haven't seen the westlife #1's dvd. But the last
time i saw them, the band did that too, missed a lot
of important little chords out, restructured stuff, and sometimes even


Malcolm Part 5:
and sometimes even the sound


Malcolm Part 6:
almost like the sound on the record is acoustic guitar, and the live sound on stage is distortion guitar.
Kinda like what bsb did to shape of my heart on the last tour, that was a bit disappointing.
Pub time for me!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for posting Malcoms post, I am sorry to hear he can't post.
Can you please ask what kind of error messages appears?
For me the forum works fine, that's strange.
And I liked it..


Sorry guys for having to do so many posts there, was having trouble, kept on saying no post specified, i'll try to edit it and correct it very soon.


Quote from: "turnaround"Thanks for posting Malcoms post, I am sorry to hear he can't post.
Can you please ask what kind of error messages appears?
For me the forum works fine, that's strange.

He says he can't log on at all, says he tried to register again and it wouldn't let him. So he wanted me to tell that to everyone, that's why he hasn't posted for 5 days. I'll find out more info.


So I went to the Westlife/Anthony Callea concert last night and it was fantastic. First time Westlife have done a concert in Australia.
Anthony has an amazing voice, he sang Rain, some slow songs and his new song Addicted to Love.

Then Westife: They sang my favourite songs: When You're Looking Like That, How Will I Know, My Love, World of Our Own and Amazing (!!! yay) plus a selection of Love Song songs and other hits.

The standout for me was when they did a tribute to Boybands, I don't know if they've done this in other concerts, so funny. They said (recorded message) they looked up to other boybands and wanted to be like them like NKOTB, Boyzone, Take That and Backstreet Boys (crowd screamed very loudly!) then they sang BSB's Everybody Backstreet's Back and did the classic BSB dance routine for this, which was totally  excellent, then KNOTB Right Stuff, a Boyzone and Take That song and their dance routines. It was unreal.

The bad thing was it was too short at 1 hr 20 mins (BSB was 2 hrs) and they had too many costume changes and there was no screens (venue's fault).

The band was small about 4 guys, i thought the sound was great but i'm not a musician so i wouldn't know if it was bad anyway! Westlife have excellent voices (I thought all live). Overall I loved this concert!!


Wow, sounds amazing!
So long ago already when I have been (World of our own tour).
I saw a tracklist of it on a Westlife news  site, and they have chosen an interesting mixture, especially the BoyBand Medley, and obviously it was as fantastic as expected.
Really a bit short though.  :cry: , but lovely you got to see Anthony too, and so you have heared and seen performed a few Swedish songs live.   :)
Even Max Martin >> When you're looking like that.  :D, so that must have been a very special moment for you again!

Thanks for the review!!
And I liked it..


Yes, i really loved hearing the Swedish songs!

But getting back to what Malcolm was saying re the 'show' versus just hearing the music (this may be off the topic, but anyway), I must say I do love the show part: the dancing etc. Though there must be a balance and a lot depends on the venue. If it's a small intimate venue I love just the singer to sing, no special effects but when it's a big venue and the sound isn't that fantastic, I like to see dancers etc. Of course it depends a lot on the artist as well. I loved seeing Backstreet Boys do their classic dance routines but I loved it when they just sat on the stairs and just sang. Then I loved it when I saw Kelly Clarkson and it was just her singing and a basic band and she sounded fantastic. Actually I could just go on and on about this topic!
What does everyone else prefer: the 'show' or just the music?


Interesting question!
I think it's the healthy mixture.
I remember on being at some concerts where there were songs with FULL PLAYBACK. Due to the heavy choreography/show etc, and I think it's not acceptable.
If I want to listen to the CD version I can put my CD in.

But of course it is nice when you have certain effects or dance routines but I tend to say I prefer the full band/live vocals way.

I was also at the Kelly Clarkson concert and it was really a bit rough maybe from the sound but she has lots of energy and that really came accross.

Delta's concert (I have it on DVD) was as I said with a full band including string players but she also had some gimmicks and costume changings and lots of fun in general.

And I liked it..