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Do you want that Cheiron drum sound? Come get it!

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Hey Guys!

Been reading a lot on this message board however just recently created my account. I've noticed that a lot of you are having troubles getting that Cheiron Sound on your drums. Well, I'm here to help!

Now here's loop i created myself:

I can help you get that Cheiron drum flavor on your track but I'm gonna have to charge you for it (Sorry guys, but it takes time to do music and time is unfortunately not free)

If you want the track I made (the one you can hear on my soundcloud page) I'll send it to you (each individual file as a .wav) for $100

I can also help you create a custom Cheiron drum track, made specifically for your own track for $250 (includes me mixing the drums to fit the track)

I can also take a song you've written and produce it for you in a cheiron style so that you get that ultimate 90's feeling (price varies based on track, contact me for more info)

All sales are final and all payments must go through paypal.

Contact: mxmcarl@gmail.com

Don't think of this as an ad, think of it as me helping you guys out. I've spent a lot of time (years) getting that crisp cheiron sound on my tracks and I believe that's something worth paying for.


Awesome drums man! I sent you a PM!

interesting.. well i liked the demo u made

i always had the problem with the drums no matter how much i layer them or eq them i cant get the sound!

welcome to the forums btw

Well, actually you don't need to layer drums that much to get a great sound, it's all about having a few great sounds and mixing it properly!

B Steady:
:( I wanted to cry when I was listening to your loop. I just imagined this to be a new Cheiron song in 2002 or so. I wish the era would've continued with new Backstreet Boys songs :(

Anyway, great work!!!!!!!!

Is the snare that always comes on the 4 really created by your own?


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