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Call Back The Missiles


Call Back The Missiles" last song for 2017.
I wrote this song with a presidential term in mind. The chorus was written around the fact that the president thought that missiles could be called back. He had to be told that we could not call back the Missiles. "The President incorrectly asserted that ''submarine ballistic missiles are recallable''.  This song was written for it's historic  value. It doesn't hold any political view of mine at all.
Happy New Year!!!
I can tell you stories - of American Patriots
Going down in flames of glory
Unseen in the likes of soviets
Yeah we've got the fight and the spirit
We fly old red white and blue
Broad stripes and stars for merit
We've yet to show all we can do
Call back the missiles
Their course is a mistake
Call back the missiles
Lets do another take
I can make things better - with economist remedies
Living on our strength as debtors
Building arms to break our enemies
Yeah I've got a plan some call voodoo
And Some call it by my name
Got a plan just right for you
And it fits right in to the game
Repeat chorus
Lets get the gummit of our back
It's just a pest and that's a fact
Lets get back to business and break up the bureaucracy
Repeat chorus
And Some times when you go to sleep
You can go to sleep
Knowing, every things gonna be alright
Chi-Town Cubbies -


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