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Title: ''Catcher in The Rye" continued.....
Post by: georg_e on February 17, 2014, 10:58:47 PM
     Moved this here, as even tho it was triggered by B's comments about RedOne, I was takin it a bit far off the subject :D

             Quote from: B Steady on Today at 08:51:37 PM
<<Once I've read this too, can't remember it to. Could you please remind me?
And I'm glad you see me in your life even when you're not in  the forum >>

    There was a great documentary on TV here in US recently on the author, JD Salinger, and after seeing it I just had to finally break down and read this book :-)   It is so completely hysterically funny and yet sometimes sad at the drop of a hat, which I guess is what makes it great. It takes place in NYC, so I identify with it alot. Some of the language is a little dated -- slang of the times @1950--but the outlook? Totally modern. I'm reading it in on a free pdf  I think the hero is around what you once said was your age....

 I'm actually surprised it gets recommended in schools: it goes against everything they teach ;-) Don't want it to end......just reading like 10 pages a night!