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Should I go to Sweden or not??

Started by Neal Sabel, September 02, 2017, 09:49:27 PM

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Neal Sabel


Need some advice.  I was meaning to go to Sweden to visit Cheiron and Maratone but then I had a change of heart because I was thinking, is Max or Kristian really gonna care about my 80s Pop? Aren't they just interested in what sounds like the charts and honestly my stuff doesn't, its too 80s and 90s, I guess.  But then I thought wouldn't someone like Max or Kristian be able to hear a great song, however it was produced, I mean surely a great song is a great song whether its 80s sounding or 70s sounding or chart sounding.  I dunno it gets confusing.  I just don't want to go to Sweden and hear Max or Kristian say, "sorry you're music is too outdated we need chart style stuff," it would be a waste of a trip and I would just end up sad about it.  But maybe, if there was a chance that they could see beyond "The 80s" production and see the quality of songs for themselves, maybe they might want to work with me.  Is it worth it? I know I have the songs, it's not a dream for me, I really believe I have unique, amazing songs but the question is will they understand deeper than what the current trend is?

Also, just to put the record straight I only said "I was better than Max" out of being defensive, I don't really believe that. He has like 30 number 1 hits under his belt and I have 0, so I hope you didn't take that too seriously.

Thanks for your advice and if you want you can hear my new album on iTunes, "MasterKlass" just type it in into iTunes. Also please don't tell me if you think I'm good enough, I'm convinced I am, call me crazy or deluded but I won't feel any different about it, so you're wasting your breathe with that argument.  The question is whether I should go to Sweden or not?

Kind Regards,



Go to LA instead. Max doesn't spend much time in Sweden anymore. Cheiron is closed since like 2001 and Kristian seems to be a family man, and after a quick search he doesn't seen to live in Sweden anymore. Best you can do here is basically to wait outside the wolf cousins studio hoping to run into somebody who may as well be in LA (Ali, struts, Shellback etc.)

You're better off trying your luck in West LA where Max lives and has his studio.

Neal Sabel

Cool, thanks for that.  You wouldn't happen to have an address for Max's West LA studio or where I might be able to track it down? What about a contact I could meet in West LA?

I'm still not clear on how Max hears music.  Will he be able to tell a great song, regardless the style of production (e.g 80s or 90s) or not? Or does he just want it very chart sounding for him to hear it?  Please clarify, thanks.

So is Kristian in other words retired?? Do you think I could get his wife my demo for her to pass on, anyone know her?

Another thing, is Shellback a satanist?? Because he has you know triple 6 on his twitter, which makes me reluctant to contact him via twitter, really because I'm a firm believer in God.  Max is a Catholic so that's cool, as far as I know, I don't want to hold people's beliefs against them but if he's like a bit twisted or something, maybe I should avoid saying hi, via twitter, what do you think? Kinda paranoid question I know, but a lot of satanist's really don't have your best interests at heart, I would assume.   

Thanks for your help and advice.  Will keep you posted on new album releases.



If I have this opportunity then I will choose sweeden. Because I like sweeden.