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Lisa Bund - Closer (written by Kristian, Savan & Co)

Started by turnaround, September 14, 2007, 05:22:11 PM

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She came 3rd at German Idol, now her album is released, interesting songwriters on it.

Song 13 is called "Closer" and is by Kristian Lundin, Savan Kotecha, Didrik Thott, Sebastian Thott

I don't know who produced it, it sounds pretty nice!

I guess it was intended for Lindsay Lohan or another artist originally..

Pelle Nylen and Niklas Jarl, Leah Haywood, other great songwriters also contributed to the album.

Apparently it is only a download-only bonus song. :(
And I liked it..


I downloaded this album yesterday but I'm afraid I can't stand the voice. I had to turn it off after 2-3 songs because it was doing my head in.  :-[
Just the way you are
We'll be standing soul to soul
My love's never far
I will hear you call
You'll never be inconsolable


closer?? Song 13 ???

1. In My Head
2. What Goes Up
3. Live To Forget You
4. Learn To Love You
5. If I Lose You 
6. Born Again
7. All That I Am -
8. I Turn To You
9. Picture Perfect 
10. Care For You   
11. Here I Am
12. Flugzeuge im Bauch

live to forget you written by niklas jarl "nice Name" the song is crazy good..
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Oh this is annoying, sorry.

It seems to be an I-Tunes bonus track.  :-\
And I liked it..


If you can dream it, you can be it.


I wrote you a PM over the board  ;)
And I liked it..


First time I saw her video learn to love ,,, I couldn't stand the voice ,,, yesterday I saw it again , and guess what I could hear it also!!!  ;D ;D

But kristun on a song intresting!!!!


hey she needs to a vocal coach IMO,she is way too annoying!...heard samples of her album I really liked "Live To Forget You".