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The Nocturns Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, January 19, 2024, 04:44:59 PM

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The Nocturns (Charlie Martin and Joe Housley) frequently collaborate with Cirkut, I love their sound

Lighthouse - Calum Scott

Written by Calum Scott, The Nocturns, MAGS
Produced by The Nocturns and MAGS

A personal favorite of mine released last year

Freezing - Mimi Webb

Written by The Nocturns, Ines Dunn, Mimi Webb, R.I.Pablo
Produced by Andrew Wells and The Nocturns


broken by you - Alexander Stewart

Written by Alexander Stewart, Corey Sanders, Nolan Sipe, The Nocturns
Produced by The Nocturns


I'm loving the Nocturn's production. Big pop choruses.


Then There Was You - Calum Scott

Written by Jon Maguire, Andrew Bullimore, Andrew Yeatres, Calum Scott, The Nocturns, Michael Hodges
Produced by The Nocturns, Jon mAguire, Michael Hodges

easier said than done - Alexander Stewart

Written by Alexander Stewart, The Nocturns, Max Wolfgang
Produced by The Nocturns

Come Back To Me - Sea Girls

Written by The Nocturns and Henryu Camamile
Produced by The Nocturns

All This Time - Only The Poets

Written by The Nocturns, Tom Longhurst, Tom Mann
Produced by Clem Cherry and Marcus Yates