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Tove Lo - Lady Wood (new album)

Started by RuHa, March 27, 2014, 03:32:51 PM

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B Steady

Vila i frid Dag


Quote from: j.fco.morales on August 14, 2015, 07:16:45 PM
Tove Lo was asked about Max Martin in a spanish webzine, I translated the questions for you :)

What's the reason behind swedish pop music's quality?
I'm part of Max Martin & Shellback's songwriting team, whom are swedish as well, and I basically work with swedish people but, I have no idea why it is that way. Maybe it's because our english is very direct. We're clear and we like pop's simplicity. Something very important is, from such a young age, swedish people assists to public music schools. I went to one of them since I was very young. We also learn english and that's the reason of this american accent.

I read about Max Martin studying classical music since a very young age and that being the reason of the quality of his compositions, because just like classical compositions, the most important thing for him is the melody
That's true. Also, the way we speak is quite melodic. People from other countries points that our talking is like to be singing. But when people ask me about the success of swedish pop music I reply is a mystery to me too.

What is it like to work with Max Martin?
We did a couple of sessions, not for me but for someone else. He's really humble and very talented. He loves music and he's not the kind of guy that just puts his name on a song and that's it. Max works hard to make sure every song is perfect. I was very impressed, he's way different of what I thought he would be, but in a good way.

How do you think he was like?
I thought he would be a smartass, but when I got into the pop world I realised I tend to judge a lot without knowing. When I met him, I found a really nice, smart and ambitious guy and I felt bad about myself (laughs).

She talks about giving her songs to other people and says lots of people wanted to cut "Habits" and "Love Ballad".

Tell us something about Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do", you're one of co-writers:
That's what I meant: that song was written for her. People is like "why didn't you keep that one for yourself?", but we didn't wrote that one for me. If I kept it, I wouldn't feel like the song was mine, it wouldn't be authentic. About my work on the song, I just fixed the lyrics here and there and that's it: it's a bit like an undeserved fame about me writing the song. But it was great to be part of the team who did that one.

Thank you for translating and posting!


And I liked it..


Quote from: turnaround on December 04, 2015, 02:53:14 PM
Tove has a feature on the new Coldplay album.


now that you mentioned it...I checked out the credits for the album and I noticed the whole album was produced by Stargate  :o Im gonna take a listen to the whole album now !


New song: Scars


Jakob Jerlström
Tove Lo
Ludvig Söderberg

Produced by:

Jakob Jerlström
Ludvig Söderberg
And I liked it..


She (and that team) knows how to craft an interesting moody melody; a pop style her own.


"Cool girl" is out



Tove Lo, Ludvig Söderberg & Jakob Jerlström

Tove Lo, Author, Composer, Main Artist, Vocals - John Hanes, Mix Engineer - Serban Ghenea, Mixer - Tom Coyne, Mastering Engineer - The Struts, Producer, Programming - Ludvig Söderberg, Author, Composer - Jakob Jerlström, Author, Composer - Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB - Wolf Cousins
And I liked it..


Sounds good.

It's not an instant hit, I think.


And I liked it..


She and The Struts never dissapoints me, it's cool.


Cool Girl has actually really grown on me. I love the production and her smooth vocals.

I also like the lyrics and song message; being a no-strings attached girl, like a guy is stereotypically.

The hook is pulsating and thumping and I really dig the formant shifting vocal effects.


Shellback, Rickard and Ilya ya probably for Tove herself.


Still falling for you

And I liked it..

B Steady

Vila i frid Dag



Album announced:

Lady Wood


Fairy Dust (Chapter I) Tove Lo & Ludvig Söderberg
Influence (feat. Wiz Khalifa)  Tove Lo, Wiz Khalifa, Ludvig Söderberg & Jakob Jerlström
Lady Wood  Tove Lo, Oscar Holter & Ludvig Söderberg
True Disaster  Tove Lo & Oscar Holter
Cool Girl  | Ludvig Söderberg, Tove Lo & Jakob Jerlström
Vibes (feat. Joe Janiak) Tove Lo, Joe Janiak, Ludvig Söderberg & Jakob Jerlström
Fire Fade (Chapter II) Tove Lo & Ilya Salmanzadeh
Don't Talk About It Tove Lo, Ilya Salmanzadeh & Rickard Goransson
Imaginary Friend Tove Lo, Ludvig Söderberg, Jakob Jerlström & Joel Little
Keep it Simple Tove Lo & Ali Payami
Flashes Tove Lo & Oscar Görres
WTF Is Love Tove Lo, Ludvig Söderberg & Jakob Jerlström

Will try to gather some credits.
And I liked it..