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It's time for the BEST Cheiron Song of the Year Awards.

We've selected 28 songs that were released this year.

Group phase
We have made 4 groups first. Please vote in all 4 groups.

You can vote up to 3 songs from each group!

The 2 songs with the most votes from each group are qualifiying for the big final!

Please vote until December 5th!

Have fun and enjoy!

It looks really great Turnaround!

I've voted!

Thanks! Also thanks a lot for advertising it on your site   :)

It's really exciting, I have absolutely no clue who is gonna make it!

Thanks, I just did it that second!
I hope it looks ok.

yeah, it's looking like a tight race at the moment

Please remember to vote if you haven't done yet.

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!  :)


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