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The Big Final - Please Vote Your Favourite Cheiron-Song of this Year!

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So you have voted, we have 8 qualified songs for the final. It will be open for 6 days.

This time you have ONE vote! You won't see the result until it's finished.

I will then do a celebrating thread and reveal the winner!

Enjoy and make up your mind!

The Songs:

Shayne Ward - If That's OK with you Max Martin, Rami
Avril Lavigne - AloneMax Martin
Stanfour - Do it all Max Martin
Westlife - Something right Rami
Shayne Ward - Breathless Rami
Celine Dion - Eyes on me Kristian Lundin
Avril Lavigne/Leona Lewis - I will be Max Martin
Megan McCauley - Tap That Max Martin

Wow guys, you voted so many great songs I will have to think hard to chose my favourite.

I agree, that is 'wow'. I don't have a clue what I'm going to vote for now. I'll have to have more listens!

and the winner is.......i vote on ??? of course

Three of these I actually never heard.

I'll think about it.


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