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MAX MARTIN - from Hardrock to Bubblegum Pop and back...

Started by ®a|ÑßØw÷¢H!LÐ, January 12, 2007, 02:35:54 AM

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Max Martin started off in a rock/metal band named ITS ALIVE and released a (demo-)album with the same name under "Mega Rock Records" in 1991 which was limited to 1000 copies only. That makes this release the probably rarest collectors item for Max Martin fans!!
Back then Max used the artist name "Martin White".

The album was first sold in Sweden and later on given away as free sample CDs along with magazines in the UK.

. . . . . .

After a tour as a support act of the Swiss band Gotthard Its Alive was signed to Cheiron Records, since Denniz PoP decided he also wanted some 'heavier' music among his label. They released their second album "Earthquake Visions" in 1993 on Cheiron Records and got quite some radio play in the UK. The album is entirely recorded & produced by Its Alive @ Cheiron Studios 1993.

When Denniz PoP decided to do a remix of an Its Alive song he got to know "Martin White" and was blown away by his songwriting capabilities. He invited Martin to join Cheiron. The rest of the story is POP HISTORY...


I Have got this album!!

"Earthquake Visions" ! very good albumm


The photo of Max on the first album is pretty hilarious! I love it! Thanks for posting the album cover

My favourite It's Alive song is There's Something and I also love Pretend I'm God.


I haven't heard any of It's Alive music

I would love too though

Alex Martin

Earthquake vision is a good album similar in some songs def leppard style. My Favourite song is THERE SOMETHIN   great chorus "there something,there something....something in the house" BIG BIG BIG :D

Max you are terrible in the first album photo  :shock:   but i love you so :D


I have been trying to find images and samples from these albums for about 8 years now! Finally, I've seen the pictures! Is there ANYWHERE that I can listen to the songs? If not... Someone should post them!!!

- Fusion



can somebody show me how to listen or download songs for max band?


Once again, it's forbidden to post some music in here, but if you want, contact me and i'll help you out with finding the songs... ;)


Wooo I posted something here 7 years ago!!!  WOW