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Upcoming Max Martin releases

Started by j.fco.morales, December 31, 2014, 04:19:12 PM

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Quote from: McCartneyMartin on March 21, 2023, 05:10:18 PM

Never thought to see those two collabing ever. Does she really think she can get another number one hit just to get revenge on the trolls that made fun of her plastic surgery?


An Eighties vibe pop smash with the The Weeknd sound is the Key, Max do it!


So what's next? His candle is about to be blown out... come on we need new music.


Quote from: Feelgoodlies on August 19, 2023, 11:28:07 AMSo what's next? His candle is about to be blown out... come on we need new music.

his candle has been blown out for a while now. no hits



Seems like Maria Becerra has a scheduled meeting with a producer from Sweden, she liked other tweets saying it's Max


There's a lot of producers in Sweden and Max is currently based in LA.

Sounds good and María is amazing.


Well, you're right, I'm confused now, maybe she got confused and she meant another big producer in Sweden? Who's staying there? I know Savan is living in Sweden, maybe some of the Wolf Cousins? Or maybe Max is coming back and forth to Sweden?


Sure he is back and forth from Sweden but going to Stockholm from Argentina... for example: it's a 8 hour flight from NYC to Stockholm, a 12 hour flight from Miami and a 13 hour flight from LA.

It could be Ilya -he worked with Anitta-, or Alesso who also worked with Anitta.
RedOne maybe? I don't know.


Everything but You - Bonnie Mckee

At last! After 12 years we got it, at first Max wasn't credited but now credits are corrected
Written by Bonnie Mckee, Max Martin, Jocke Ahlund, John Newman
Produced by Bonnie McKee, Dave The Doctor, Joakim Ahlund, Oligee



Coldplay announces new album Moon Music out October 4th.

Max Martin is part of the collaborators.


There's some leaks out there saying that the upcoming Katy Perry album will include collaborations from Max, Shellback, Ilya, Oscar Görres and Dr. Luke, I'm beyond excited, first single will be released next month


Hasn't been confirmed yet. All those leaks are guess work but it's highly likely at least Luke is involved


it's been confirmed by rolling stones now. Max and luke are back together for the new katy perry album. This makes sense since the whole kesha case ended last year. But I'm not sure if they are going to work together because Rolling Stones also mentioned Vaughn Oliver so I'm assuming luke is working with Vaughn and Max with his separate team (I hope isn't Ilya since I didn't like his work with the latest ariana record)