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Ian Kirkpatrick Productions Thread

Started by nanofives, March 11, 2022, 04:28:58 AM

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Written by Christian Mazzalai, Frédéric Moulin, Laurent Mazzalai, Thomas Croquet
Produced by Phoenix and Ian Kirkpatrick




Written by Eskeerdo, Ian Kirkpatrick, Young Thug, Michael Wise, Philmon Lee and Sean Douglas
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick and Michael Wise


Dua Lipa — Rich (leaked)

Produced: Ian Kirkpatrick


Miley Cyrus You
Written by Bibi Bourelly, Ian Kirkpatrick, Michael Pollack, Miley Cyrus
Produced by Jonny Coffer, Jay Moon



Kim Petras - uhoh
Written by Kim Petras, Ian Kirkpatrick, Madison Love, and Michael Pollack
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick



I changed my mind, THIS is the highlight of the album


Yep this one is a definite highlight/stand out track. Clubby, high energy, catchy, and fun. Would like to hear other songs she did with ian.


get him back! - Olivia Rodrigo

Written by Daniel Nigro and Olivia Rodrigo
Produced by Daniel Nigro, Alexander 23 and Ian Kirkpatrick


Got Me Started - Troye Sivan
Written by Chris Stracey, Ian Kirkpatrick, Jack Glass, Styalz Fuego, Leland, Tayla Parx, Troye Sivan
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick

I recognize the sample but don't remember the name


Quote from: nanofives on September 20, 2023, 11:21:53 PMI recognize the sample but don't remember the name

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars.


Stealin' Love - Leigh-Anne

Written by Ian Kirkpatrick, Jermaine Jackson, Leigh-Anne, Philiop Plested, Sam Elliot Romans
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, The Runners


I wonder why if A&R's want afro pop beats for their artists they hire pop producers?

We have P2J, Ari Pensmith, GuiltyBeatz...


Dua Lipa — Anything For Love
Written by Caroline Ailin, Danny L Harle,Dua Lipa, Ian Kirkpatrick, Julia Michaels, Tobias Jesso Jr.
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick


So many missed opportunities, Ian's songs in the album are the worst, Kevin Parker is a nice producer