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Cheiron Song Thread

Started by secski, August 13, 2008, 12:31:26 PM

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Hey guys, thought i might kick start this idea. Its great and i think it will be a great bonding experience. Everyone can get involved!

I'm uploading a song which is in midi format (sounds terrible) but will give a rough idea of what it sounds like.

Nothing is fixed, it's only my take, and i would appreciate all suggestions, especially with regards to lyrics and melody. I think the hook is definitely not as strong as a cheiron song, so cmon guys lets explore this!

Hopefully we can finish this song (one of many i hope) by December.

So we need:
  Pianists / Keys
  Drummers or someone with a drum program
  Engineers / Mixers / maybe even masterers? lol

I hope everyone can contribute something so we can have a huge song credit list lol.

Its all in the name of fun!


PS. I'll get the link up shortly to the mp3 which has intro/verse/chorus.



Oh and if you guys know how i can upload this and future mp3s to a site with direct download rather than waiting 60 seconds, let me know please!


or, we can use the mp3 posted from tonos! its a bit livelier than mine...


Unfortunately I can't listen to the song right now but I'm already voluntary for the singing part, at least. I have loved editing voices with music maker for some years now and I'm trying to learn cubase and protools. I've also trained my voice on many Cheiron instrumentals and I think my voice is best suited for typical pop. Singing is really a passion.
I also play the piano, I guess I can also help with the melody and of course the lyrics...
Thanks for taking this project at heart like this SEXY!  :P


OK, so Sabine seems fairly confident with vocals... :) thats good.

I dont like the chorus at all, so will need some catchy hooks!

Oh and we need someone who will act as a producer as well! This person/persons will need to point out how we can get the song to sound a little like a Cheiron song.

Cheers ppl, and i will post further mp3s mid next week (thinking chords on piano with simple drum beat). This is just a bit of fun so relax and contribute!


hey, i listened to the mp3 you uploaded and honestly, i think it really lacks catchiness, the melody is complicated. we'd need something with very few chords, a song you can remember instantly, as the cheiron crew knew how to do so well!
if it happens to be too hard to come up with a great song, we can use max's 2 demos for tonos as a first pattern... just an idea.


yeah, i didnt like the melody much either :)

haha if everyone could write like cheiron, it would be so easy!

back to the midi room i go... (oh, feel free to contribute coming up with the chords :) ) I dont wanna give up just yet...


ok, this is another take :D  (recorded through the computer mic)

random, occasional words, almost-random chords lol, very nasally annoying singing (sorry!)

http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=2xhsknbr3yb        (Verse / Prechorus / Chorus)

haha, suggestions please...

i was tempted to borrow parts of the melody for 'sometimes' and 'drowning' for the beginning section.


You never really appreciate how difficult something is unless you try it yourself! :)

I think we need to get Andrea to help us out! I'm not giving up, but it is a LOT harder than it looks!


yes , it is very difficult , I can make melodies sometimes when I'm inspired but they are a bit ridiculos because are without lyrics , my melodies are very BSB , uptempos  cheiron and midletempos .


secski, i love the verses of the first track! could you send me both track in MIDI format?


ok... i used secski verses and i edited them a little... then i made a prechorus and a very catchy chorus (i hope...)



Quote from: andrea on August 14, 2008, 11:37:25 PM
ok... i used secski verses and i edited them a little... then i made a prechorus and a very catchy chorus (i hope...)


I looooooooooooove it , is too cheiron , but the melody remind me to oother song lol

hey andrea if I send you vocals melodies could you producer it?


Hi there!

I really like what secski have made! That's really cheiron.

But it has to much of "shape of my heart" at the the end of one bar/beat.

But you got my respect!

Andrea could you upload just the beat and the chords, without melodie? I will try to make one. Maybe we could put everything together. :)

Btw, how do you make this guitarsounds andrea?