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Selena Gomez - current album "Rare" (including Rami)

Started by turnaround, September 04, 2015, 10:20:15 PM

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New registered track:

Kinda Crazy | Justin Tranter, Rami Yacoub, Jasmine Thompson, Kristoffer Fogelmark & Albin Nedler
And I liked it..

B Steady

this album is one of the very best of 2015. there's no A1+ material but the quality is incredibly high and if you don't like the writing/production it's at least very interesting :)

Sober & Same Old Love might be my favorites, took me a long time to understand these songs, but now they're brilliant to me
Vila i frid Dag


The single 'Kill em with kindness' - has a point.

She can interpret - put emotion to a lyrical theme in an theatric yet convincing way,  that give's a lot of room for song writing and imagination.

Not all even top 10 - stars don't know how (without a lot of producing).  It's unbearable when all song's on a record are 'personal-personal-pscyhe-statement',

such leaves very little room for listener to interact .
alis grave nil


The video for her feature on Charlie Puth's We Don't Talk Anymore -cowritten by J Kash- is out:



I can't get enough of this, I wish the critics weren't too hard on Charlie's album, it's cheesy but it's nice, he is a very talented musician.
Selena did ok, I was hoping she would appear in the video, and even though she is not a great Singer, in the official live performance she did well, I wonder why they have to sing a bit lower, because of Charlie or Selena?


the register changes really damaged the song in that live performance. Selena sounds like she's whispering while Charlie is still straining and huffing and puffing. Neither are exceptional vocalists and I think Selena has tricked the industry and her fans into believing she's a viable pop star.

Great video though ... shouldn't Selena have played that other girl... um, duh?



I'm just comparing her with previous performances, those backup singers are quite obvious. She's overall a bad singer, but she's better than before. (My reference is that cover of magic's rude which was terrible).
I was hoping Selena to be on the other side too.


I mean: the audio is edited and mixed.

You can make miracles tweaking audio.


New song:


Gino Farrago Barletta
Alex Schwartz
Jonas Jeberg
Radric Delantic Davis
Selena Gomez
Brett McLaughlin
Joe Khajadourian
Chloe Angelides

Jonas Jeberg and The Futuristics
And I liked it..


When I heard those clap snares, Jonas Jeberg came to my mind right away.

Brett McLaughlin is kinda making it into the A list, isn't he?


Quote from: getawaydriver on August 24, 2018, 05:13:44 AM
Selena's new album is coming early next year.

She's been working with Mattman, Robin, Julia, and Justin again.

She's also done a lot with the Leland / Allie X team.

She's also mentioned a song called Rare as her favorite off the album, it was registered.

Rare: Sir Nolan, Simon Rosen, Madison Beer, Madison Love, Leland

So excited about this!




Selena Gomez, Cardi B and latin reggaeton superstar Ozuna are featured on the new DJ Snake single.

PS: The vocal comping on Selena Gomez is awful AF.