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Ellie Goulding - "On My Mind" (Max Martin) (from album "Delirium")

Started by turnaround, September 17, 2015, 10:51:50 AM

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I didn't know Klas Ahlund was signed to MXM songs.

Devotion is amazing.


nothing amazing on this album for me. Lost & Found and Army are the standout songs. (and Love Me Like You Do lol. stands out even after having heard it dozens of times.) then Devotion (those Klas pitch modulations) and Codes. everything else ranges from ok but uninteresting with no real hook, to just throwaway electro-pop tracks with stale production we've heard before.

sort of a let down, since there are over 20 tracks on this album, and i was expecting more of Max's stamp on it. more melody. the guitar sound works for her; a la Lost & Found. i'm afraid i don't "get" Ellie. like who she is as an artist. vocal production is also weak. what happened to her little vibratos and weird vocal stuff - and in terms of lyrical content, i just don't get really what she's singing about. it doesn't register as genuine or innovative to me. oh well.


Too many songs, I agree. You get rired of listening.

I think the thing with Ellie is that she's still in the process of finding her sound and style. She's trying everything: pop, trap, synthpop, acoustic pop songs.
Sonically is cohesive, but there's a lack of  artistic direction, she's pointing everywhere.
To me, this is like a bunch of songs she wrote with different collaborators. A bit bland.

I'd suggest to write with just one collaborator. Probably Greg Kurstin.


Btw. The bonus tracks.

Biggest surprise. Mark Knopfler playing the guitars.

So wiki had the wrong information..

I fully agree with j.fco. morales.

Too many fillers, with a few really great song. They could have compiled one really amazing normal album and add all the mediocre songs to the deluxe....

And I liked it..


This album is growing on me, some really great songs but "Lost and Found" is AMAZING. It sounds so much like a Kristian Lundin song. I'm addicted!
"I was writing with Max Martin and Johan Shellback who are two of my absolute songwriting heroes, they are just absolute melodic geniuses." - Taylor Alison Swift,  August 2012


Nobody is talking about it, but I think Codes is a really really amazing song in the album. Max Martin is an incredible guy.

B Steady

codes is great yeah but im so annoyed by the LMLYD pre chorus in Codes' chorus. it sounds so enforced
Vila i frid Dag


Quote from: B Steady on November 12, 2015, 07:16:01 AM
codes is great yeah but im so annoyed by the LMLYD pre chorus in Codes' chorus. it sounds so enforced

I haven't noticed it. You are right. Maybe that's the reason why I love that song :)


Ellie playing some songs off Delirium live.


The other day I was talking with a guy about make the songs sound good live, when they're so sound designed.
This is an example.




Ellie performed "Army" at Children in Need. Lots of backing vocalists. Great song by a great team.
And I liked it..


I love Codes so much! and of course Lost and Found. Overall I really like the album, but yes, there is some filler in there, but most albums have filler.

B Steady

barely fillers in there if you ask me. it's an amazing album with lots of great tracks!
Vila i frid Dag