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Ellie Goulding - "On My Mind" (Max Martin) (from album "Delirium")

Started by turnaround, September 17, 2015, 10:51:50 AM

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Damn it must be cold out there. Nevermind the horsie , I remember When Jack Nicholson had a bad day he threw piles of cash in to the fire yard or smashed
a limousine with a golf bat.

Actually ,  just trying to figure it out what the music video means. Hint: if it makes any sense then it must be a bad thing.

'Stay in the context' what goes for pop - it's like this:
alis grave nil


When you're working with Max Martin, how do you know he's giving you the good stuff?

— He's very intuitive. I think he really believes in me; I don't think he has the same experience with every artist he works with. We became good friends.

He gave me a song he wrote for Fleetwood Mac — Lost And Found. He was going to start a band with Mick Fleetwood, and that song was for that.




wow, incredible. so many surprises with Max. I'd love to see Max in another band.

j.fo, the source is the link to Q - it's on page 107.


Is this man who sings — Jocke Berg from Kent?
who is credited in Lost and Found too?

It was February 2015 and Delirium was released in November.
Was he a singer in that band with Fleetwood?


Yes, it was Kent's frontman, his name is Joakim and besides co writing he played the guitar.



Carl Falk plays the song, which is so far an advanced sketch. He has written it together with Jocke Berg, and it's the Kentsinger who sings on the demo.

- Now the idea is to send it to Max Martin, who will write a chorus. We shall see how it goes. I've been working with Jocke earlier, but things have not happened so much, but now it feels like this Fleetwood-Mac-thing can actually work.




Written by Obi Fred Ebele, Uche Ben Ebele, Zacharie Raymond, Yannick Rastogi, Malcolm Olangundoye, Asia Whiteacre, Carla Marie Williams & Sean Paul Henriques


B Steady

Quote from: bugmenot on October 06, 2018, 08:16:38 AM
Ellie is doing new album and she was in Stockholm with Shellback.

Who are the other three guys?
Vila i frid Dag


Males are Shellback's friends Fat Max and Robert Mollard, girl is Ellie's personal assistant Hannah Lowe, about whom Army is written.


Savan and Ilya reposted it, they only post when they write, that could be a hint. Maybe Max involvement again?