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Here is the place to talk about all the members and friends of the legendary Cheiron Studios: Max Martin, Denniz PoP,  Rami Yacoub, Jörgen Elofsson, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Kristian Lundin, Herbie Crichlow, Alexandra Talomaa, Alexander Kronlund, John Amatiello, Jake Schulze and all the new and old songs by the Cheiron crew and friends (Dr Luke, Shellback, Savan Kotecha...) and (your) great pop music in general.

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Justin Timberlake Drown
Written by Amy Allen, Henry Walter, Justin Timberlake, Kenyon Dixon, Louis Bell
Produced by Justin Timberlake, Louis Bell, Cirkut
Not really into it and looks like the numbers are not that good either.
Songs are getting shorter, any idea can be turned into a minute song, I'm glad that they have so much material to work from but some songs are just getting very few lyrics or are just an excuse to use a beat probably made by Luke beforehand.
Colder - St. Paul

Written by Mark Ralph, Lostboy, Tom Grennan, Tom Mann
Produced by Mark Ralph and Lostboy
Enough - jess Glynne

Written by Dyo, Greg Kurstin, Jin Jin, Jess Glynne, Knox Brown, P2J
Produced by Greg Kurstin, Knox Brown, P2J
POV - Jason Derulo

Written by Andrew Wells, Jason Derulo, Jintae Ko
Produced by Andrew Wells, Jintae Ko, Jonny Grande

Back Into Your Heart - HOKO

Written by Andrew Wells and HOKO
Produced by Andrew Wells

MAMA DON'T GO - Mishaal Tamer

Written by Andrew Wells, Greg Recchia, Mike Guerreiro, Mishaal Tamer
Produced by Andrew Wells, Greg Recchia
Already Broken - Paloma Faith

Written by Amy Wage, Jack & Coke, Paloma Faith
Produced by Jack & Coke and Martin Wave
New Songs / Re: Ali Payami Productions Thr...
Last post by nanofives - February 16, 2024, 03:48:19 PM
Lie To Me - Jason Derulo

Written by Ali Payami, Jason Derulo and Shawn Charles
Produced by Ali Payami
Dark Matter - Pearl Jam

Written by Watt and Pearl Jam
Produced by Watt

QuoteCalvin Harris — Lovers In A Past Life (with Rag'n'Bone Man)
Written by Adam Wiles, Andrew Watt, Cleo Tighe, Jon Green, Rory Graham
Produced by Calvin Harris, Andrew Watt

I can hear Watt influence in there but still quite underwhelming